Good Bye SuperLiga?

Good Bye SuperLiga?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 20, 2011
  • SuperLiga

If you believe Columbus Technical Director Brian Bliss, it could be true.

#Crew96 TD Brian Bliss said he is doubtful the SuperLiga tournament will be played this season. Crew might sked some summer friendlies.

That is news a lot of MLS fans will be happy to hear. Some will be upset their clubs won’t be hosting Mexican clubs this summer but I can imagine RSL, San Jose, New York and Columbus fans are mostly excited about that news.

The scheduling of this tournament never made sense to me and the coverage was extremely weak for it as well seeing how there wasn’t any English-speaking broadcasts for it.

I think if MLS clubs want to face Mexican teams in the summer they should just schedule friendlies with them. Most clubs seem to already be doing that as it is anymore.

According to MLS head of Communications Dan Courtemache, the league will have the 2011 season schedule and Superliga details finalized “soon.”.

Guess we’ll know more in a couple weeks. What do you want to see happen here with SuperLiga? Keep it or dump it?

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  • Dump it, so how many teams that played in it last year made the playoffs? OK maybe that is unfair, but having to adjust your schedule to clear two weeks in July that have to be made up somewhere else is a pain and in a 34 match season it will be worse. It is a crappy tournament of teams that didn’t make CCL, and without US TV coverage, do any MLS fans really care if it just dies.

  • Erik Stover at RBNY said about a month ago that he was doubtful it would be back. Good news, I think.

  • El Profe

    Isn’t this old news? RSL GM Lagerway and NYRB MD Stover both quoted as saying the same thing weeks ago.

    If Superliga was not a success in some of the most Hispanic-populated cities (i.e. Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago) in the US, then it’s a good idea to get rid of it. It’s also interesting to know what was deemed as a “success”. It will be missed if told to cease and desist.

  • Superliga would have been great… If it had involved European, South American, Mexican and (obv) U.S. teams.

  • Flockk2

    Boooooo !!!