Boca Juniors Still Interested In MLS Team

Boca Juniors Still Interested In MLS Team

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 19, 2011
  • Boca Juniors, MLS Expansion

Its a slow news day around these parts for me. What can I say I really don’t care to talk about the hundreds of players rumored to come to MLS during this transfer window. Just isn’t my cup of tea at the moment.

Instead I’m hitting the way-back machine for this one as Argentine club Boca Juniors is once again going public with their hopes and dreams of owning a MLS club one day. I’m pretty sure they’ve said this before at least once, twice or even three times before (Thrice for you Conan fans out there).

Boca Juniors manager of marketing and business management Pablo Fuentes spoke to about the discussions he and the league have had recently.

“We spoke for about an hour about the chances of Boca playing over there and forming a franchise with the ‘Boca Juniors’ name, like Chivas [de Guadalajara],” said Fuentes. “As Boca’s manager of marketing, I think it would be spectacular and it’s not something that’s far-fetched.”

“[Expanding to MLS] is not a crazy idea, nor is it something … that’s not in the analyses we make when questions like these emerge. It’s something real that we’re very interested in.”

This whole Boca USA thing though doesn’t do it for me. I know I may be beating a dead horse here and all but hopefully should the league ever have an outside investor like Boca or even say Barcelona if they ever come calling again, that they suck it up and actually not allow those said clubs to use their name in the name of the MLS club. We already have a Chivas USA, we don’t need a Boca USA.

Just a little rant on my part. Don’t get me wrong though having owners like this in the league wouldn’t be a terrible thing but I’d rather see MLS clubs be named after the cities they are in rather than some foreign club. I think a Boca owned club could be successful given the right circumstances in this league.

MLS seems poised to have the New York Cosmos as their next club, and why wouldn’t they with news like Eric Cantona joining them today? There, I said it…had to get one mention of Cantona on this blog before long. Maybe Boca can join as club 21 or 24, whichever. Its a long way down the road for them to join anyways.