Who’s Left: 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft Look

Who’s Left: 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft Look

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 17, 2011
  • 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft

Michael Boxell is one of the many left on the boards for the Supplemental Draft tomorrow.

No, no, I won’t be doing a mock draft for the Supplemental draft which takes place tomorrow. That’s just silly now. What isn’t as silly is teams filling out the rest of their rosters to make way for the return of the MLS Reserve division with this draft.

There is little doubt in my mind that most if not all of the players selected tomorrow in the Supplemental Draft will probably not see starting time in MLS games but more likely just in reserve games. Nothing wrong with that either, that is why the reserve division is returning so the chance for some of these guys to get seen is better. The league loves to say guys like Omar Cummings and Chris Wondolowski came from the reserve division so who knows what the Supplemental Draft could bring out this year.

The Supplemental Draft has produced a few guys that have seen plenty of starting time like New York’s Danleigh Boreman, former KC defender (now Columbus) Aaron Hohbien, Crew backup keeper Andy Gruenebaum, and D.C. United defender Devon McTavish.

Not big names but ones that do contribute.

So who is left available for this draft? Below are a few names that me and others out there thought would have been drafted in last week’s SuperDraft.

1. Michael Boxell, D, UCSB – Boy did myself and a few others get it way wrong on this kid. I’m sure his Combine had a lot to do with it. Some will say his international status hurt him as well but I don’t buy that considering the fact that there were a few extra internationals on the draft boards this year. He’s a bruiser in the back that with time could turn out to be a quality defender in this league.

2. Ashley McInnes, F, Tulsa – Another that we were wrong about, though I’m glad I at least knocked him down to a second round projection in my final mock draft (a late second rounder really). He is a product of the Aberdeen youth ranks and has scored 18 goals and tallied 18 assists in his 3 years at Tulsa. Possibly his international status hurt him as well but I’d imagine it was a poor Combine that did him in.

3. Amani Walker, F, UC Irvine – A lot of people were fairly high on this kid a few weeks ago but I never really saw it. He’s a big target forward that didn’t really show a lot at the Combine but if he gets in the right system it could turn out good as tall forwards are always hard to come by.

4. Curtis Ushedo, D, UAB – I thought at least one of the two Canadian teams would have taken a flier on this Canadian international. I guess Toronto with their loads of third round picks thought otherwise.

5. Daniel Keat, M, Dartmouth – I thought he would have at least gone in the second or third round but injury concerns dropped him way down I suppose.

6. Steven Battie, F, N. Kentucky – He was the small school kid a lot of people raved over. His work rate and energy should be enough that someone will take a flier on him in this draft. From the little bit I’ve seen of him he has the potential, he just needs a shot at it.

7. JC Banks, M , UWGB – Quite a few folks were high on Banks going into the Combine but it seemed like that talk died after a couple days in Florida. Still Banks has the makings of a decent role player for someone.

8. Jeff Attinella, GK, USF – Depending on who you talk to Attinella was thought to be the second or third best keeper in the pool. He’s got offers overseas, which may have hurt his stock in the draft last week.

9. Diego Restrepo – GK, Virginia – He wasn’t invited to the Combine but Restrepo could be a nice pickup for someone willing to give him a chance. He’s another keeper out there with overseas offers as well.

10. Ben Sippola, M, Butler – He was their work horse this past season at Butler. I’d argue he was one of the reasons why Butler was undefeated for the large majority of their season. Sippola could be a nice locker-room addition for someone out there.


For the order of the draft click here.

  • Peter C

    I read that Restrepo signed with America de Cali after he was passed over in the draft.