Philly Gets Bimbo As A Jersey Sponsor

Philly Gets Bimbo As A Jersey Sponsor

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 11, 2011
  • Kit Sponsors

After a few weeks of speculating who Philadelphia would get as a jersey sponsor the club announced today that they have signed a $12 millionĀ deal with the Mexican food company Bimbo. The deal will last for four years for the sophomore club.

With the sponsorship signing the Union become the thirteenth of 18 MLS teams to have a shirt or jersey sponsor. Bimbo also became an official sponsor of the MLS.

Grupo Bimbo is Mexico’s largest food company and is the world’s largest bakery. The bakery has been making attempts to change its public image in America because of the company name’s connection with a poor connotation in the English language. Despite the spelling of “bimbo” the actual pronunciation is “BEEM-bo”.

Some are saying this is a move to help connect the club with the local Hispanic, something they are saying was lacking in the first year for the club.

I was told about this deal a few weeks ago by a source close to the club. It may not be the best logo to have on a MLS kit, and in a funny way it spurred a couple folks yesterday on Twitter to come up with bad kit sponsors for each MLS club. Kudos to you Jason Davis for doing that, that made my morning better. At the end of it folks its money coming into the league and to one of it’s clubs. You have to like a club getting $3 million a year for this.

Update: the jersey will look like this…boy I wish they could have changed the Bimbo colors to match.

  • Maza1987

    3m a year. cant complain with that

  • JohnC

    Woohoo- Union finally with a jersey sponsor. I like it! Local company (in the sense the US Headquarters are in Horsham) and a decent deal at 3 mill per year. I’m also excited to see one of the super draft players holding up the new Jersey on Thursday.

  • $3mil a year vs. losing all credibility with local market ….tough choice.

  • Kaiser

    Makes sense financially, but man are the opposing supporter groups going to have a field day with this one!