Spurs Owners Still Hope For MLS Team

Spurs Owners Still Hope For MLS Team

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 7, 2011
  • MLS Expansion, San Antonio Expansion

I know the MLS Combine is going to kick off here this weekend and I have plenty of draft stuff to get to today if time allows but first I thought it was interesting to hear this bit of news from down in San Antonio.

Spurs Sports & Entertainment Vice President Leo Gomez said Thursday the company will propose bringing a United Soccer Leagues franchise to Alamo Stadium to play 12 to 15 home games, eventually developing it into a Major League Soccer team. This all according to MySA.com.

The proposal talked about between the Spurs group and the city say that they eventually want to remove the track surrounding the field at the Alamo Stadium to make proper room for a soccer venue. Oddly enough there is another group in town looking to launch a NASL team too. Yes two lower division teams in one city sounds a bit odd but hey it could work in a market like this which I’ve always thought would work for MLS down the road. I won’t get into that here today, instead I’ll point you to IMS’s report on the matter.

What I like about Gomez and his group here is that they know they won’t have a MLS team right away here in San Antonio. They’re comparing what Portland and Seattle have done by building up a USL team and then going to MLS in 10 or more years. That’s a good thing too considering the work that will likely need to be done on Alamo Stadium to get it to MLS standards.

So knows, maybe in 10 or 15 years we’ll see MLS in this part of the country. I don’t think its too far fetched to think so at this point, especially if this group is involved. They work very well with the community down there and could be the right fit for a MLS owner too.

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  • Jan 9 2011
Can't wait to see what kind of name this team is given.