Put Up Or Shut Up Time For Miami

Put Up Or Shut Up Time For Miami

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 6, 2011
  • Miami Expansion, MLS Expansion

I really wanted to touch on this story yesterday but work kept me from getting around to it. The word is that Don Garber is about to throw Miami a bit of a bone by meeting with their fan groups. But like some South Florida fans are saying it is definitely time for folks in South Beach to put up or shut up about getting a MLS team back in their city.

Garber will meet with the Miami Ultras and other soccer fans this Saturday, taking time out of his schedule to meet with the very folks that apparently flood his inbox on a daily basis with requests of brining MLS back to Miami.

Miami fans should be excited and thrilled about this chance to sway Garber’s mind about their city. Their passion for their city is commendable to say the very least but you have to wonder will it even be enough considering how bluntly Garber and the league front office has been about New York being the next expansion target.

I wonder too if this is just Garber putting on a nice face for the league by meeting with these groups. There certainly is a core group of fans that believe with their whole hearts that MLS should indeed return to Miami as the 20th team. But the big concerns continue to surround Miami like they always have. Locals there need to face the harsh reality of those truths and get past them here at this meeting. That’s one thing that will certainly help them get a MLS club again in their city down the road.

I’m sure Garber will make Miami fans feel good about what they are doing but like Jason Davis pointed out it will likely be a polite way of telling them to stop the constant emails. He’ll leave the fans there with some new hope about a team in their city and possibly even surprise us all by saying there are investors in the area looking to help out that we’ve never heard about before. Who knows really what Garber’s true intentions of this meeting really is here .

But in all Miami fans really do need to put up or shut up here. If they are truly passionate about a team they need to show up to this little meeting in a big way by bringing in lots of folks. Not just the core group of fans because let’s face it that won’t be enough*. The better the numbers showing up the better this meeting can go for you. At least he is throwing your city a bone here when you really look at it. He’s not doing this for Atlanta, or Detroit, or Tampa, or any other possible expansion city.

* That comment isn’t meant to say that the core group of fans is a small group of people. Just saying that folks there need to flood this meeting room with people like they flood Garber’s email inbox each day.

The meeting with Garber will be held at 3030 Restaurant at Marriot Harbour Beach Hotel, 3030 Holiday Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.


James Weise
  • Jan 6 2011
Fans don't matter as much as a deep pocketed owner that will cut The Don a big, fat check. Then it is the owners' problem to get butts in seats over the long term. Which is a struggle for most South Florida teams not named the Dolphins unless the team has an offseason like the Heat did this summer......
  • Jan 6 2011
I want to believe in Miami's soccer fans, but this is the same city that needed a "fan up" campaign for the Heat because people can't be bothered to watch two HOFers in their primes (sorry Bosh).
  • Jan 6 2011
What Miami does not need is people like you. mikethemiz
    • Jan 6 2011
    I know it's not fair to equate Heat fans with the ultras/soccer fans but that's how I feel about it.
Name Yours
  • Jan 6 2011
Miami fans need to show they want an MLS team by showing up to Miami FC games.
    Tim B.
    • Jan 7 2011
    Who is Miami FC. No one knows down in South Florida. Traffic Sports sucks...
Big Soccer Nick
  • Jan 7 2011
While obtaining a new team in Miami in the short term is a real stretch, there is precedent in MLS for fans to lead the charge. San Jose fans as Soccer Silicon Valley pressed to get their Earthquakes back and the Sons of Ben were a major impetus to the foundation of the Philadelphia Union. A strong and large supporters group can provide sufficient visibility to attract League on Investor interest, but that's as far as it goes. The bottom line is having a very deep pocketed and savvy owner that is ready to put money into the team long term. At this time I don't see Miami with any chance to be the 20th team in MLS.
  • Jan 8 2011
how about we give the New York Cosmos the 20th team and move Chivas USA to Miami?