What To Do With DeRo?

What To Do With DeRo?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 28, 2010
  • Dwayne De Rosario

Freddie Ljungberg and Dwayne De Rosario training with Celtic. (photo via SNS Group)

What can I say, I’m not totally shocked by any of this Dwayne De Rosario news today. The writing was on the wall months ago when he scored a goal and his normal celebration went out the window as he pretended to sign a check as a gesture to the Toronto FC management to pay him better.

Today De Rosario has been spotted training with Scottish giant Celtic despite TFC releasing a statement that he has not been given permission to train with any club. We know its the silly season so any thing like this should really be taken with a grain of salt and probably a nice healthy shot of vodka. But the photos were pretty interesting for any MLS fan as he was jobbing behind former Chicago and Seattle DP Freddie Ljungberg.

“[De Rosario] is in today,” Celtic manager Neil Lennon told the media on Tuesday. “He’s a similar player to Shaun Maloney, he likes to play off the left and come inside. He is a skilful, sharp and intelligent player. Again it’s an opportunity for us to have a look and see what he can offer us.”

“We were unaware of Dwayne’s plan to train with Celtic and we will contact them to understand the situation,” he said in the statement. “Obviously, if there is interest in a short-term loan arrangement by either him or Celtic, they will need to approach us and the league formally, and we will consider based on what is in TFC’s best interest.”

You have to love the back and forth between Celtic, Toronto and DeRo here.

But as we’ve all seen so far this winter any player can pretty much go “train” or “be on trial” with any club at any given moment. We saw that with Sporting Kansas City’s Teal Bunbury earlier in the month when he was training in England with Stoke. The English side said it was a trial while SKC said the young striker was just training. At the end we know it was just a training stint with the club so it is possible this could just be what DeRo is doing here. Training, nothing else.

But we know there has to be more to this story than just training with a power like Celtic. The way Toronto continues to handle this mess of a situation seems give us all the indication that there is more to this story than we really are being lead to believe.

To me I think the wheels have already fallen off between DeRo and TFC. Though if DeRo did go against his contract with the club and league for this training week with Celtic then he’s more at fault here than the club. But I have to believe that there is something not being said here and that Toronto had knowledge of this well before it happened but they just don’t want to admit to anything here at the moment. Call it a failed attempt to make DeRo happy and he walked if you will.

These next few days/weeks should be very interesting in Toronto. For a club with no manager at the moment and really no direction things are certainly more interesting than in most MLS cities at the moment.

What do you think? Is the club not giving us everything that is going on here? Is DeRo to blame for any of this? Who’s side are you on here?

  • Martek

    TFC screwing this up, like they have so many others.