League Makes SuperDraft Changes

League Makes SuperDraft Changes

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 28, 2010
  • 2011 MLS SuperDraft, John Rooney

A couple little bits of info this morning on next month’s SuperDraft. A few changes have been made to it that some may not be aware. According to Keeping It Real, the league has decided to get rid of the 4th round for the 2011 SuperDraft. Instead, the fourth round of the Superdraft will be added to the Supplementary draft on January 18th.

What exactly does this mean for the draft and the players in it? Not a lot really. We don’t exactly see 4th round picks making headlines in the league as it is right now. Sure we get one in a blue moon but for the most part the last round is a wasteland so pushing it to a Supplementary draft where teams can fill in roster slots for developmental players on their reserve team for dirt cheap makes sense.

Honestly with 18 teams picking this year I for one am happy to see the draft go down a round. There will still be 54 picks to be made and one can bet we’ll see our fair share of trades during the draft yet again.

The other bit of news this morning is that the league has signed Wayne Rooney’s younger brother John. Don’t think for a second that he is the second coming of his brother here but I’d imagine he’ll get plenty of attention at the MLS Combine by all the teams in the league. Some say this could be the start of some new signings by the league to get younger overseas players into the league in this manner.

Where do I see Rooney go in this draft? Its hard to tell really, I’ll probably wait until after I hear how his Combine went before I even consider adding him to my mock draft. Both Portland and Seattle have already seen a decent bit of him over the last couple months so either one of them could be a decent fit. I doubt he’ll come with any sort of fun Generation adidas-type status to his contract though so some clubs will likely pass. Hopefully no one picks him early just for his last name too, I’d hate to see him end up in a terrible situation where his name is meant to sell tickets more than him contribute properly to a team.

  • mikethemiz

    So what will happen to all those 4th round picks in 2014 teams have been accumulating?

    • aragorn

      Likely they’d be considered a first choice in the supplemental draft

  • nice to know