A Winter World Cup Could Benefit MLS

A Winter World Cup Could Benefit MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 17, 2010
  • 2022 World Cup, Qatar

Sepp Blatter appears to support a winter World Cup in Qatar. (AP Photo)

I thought I was done talking about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but this news has me a bit excited. FIFA President Sepp Blatter and General Secretary Jerome Valcke expressed interest in moving the 2022 World Cup to winter in order to avoid the sweltering summer months of Qatar.

First of all that should be a no brainer for FIFA if they are serious about having a World Cup in Qatar. The average temperature for Qatar during June and July typically is around 122 degrees and concerns have been raised about the safety of players and fans.

Valcke said that a move away from the summer would be dificult because it would require a change in the international calendar and would require support from the most of the world’s domestic leagues. The move would also probably require the executive committee’s approval.

Plenty of people have raised questions about the potential summer World Cup in Qatar but officials in Qatar have yet to comment on whether or not the World Cup could be moved to the winter months.

Should things remain the same for soccer here in America the real winner in all of this is Major League Soccer, who’s schedule would align perfectly for a winter World Cup. This of course assumes that the “study” that is being conducted by the league to move to a fall-spring calendar like the rest of the world for MLS doesn’t pan out between now and 2022. I’m pretty sure though that “study” was mostly garbage to begin with and the league was never really that serious about a schedule switch just yet.

With this World Cup being 12 years away there will probably be a lot of folks from the big European leagues that protest this sort of thing. MLS on the other hand will just have to sit back and enjoy it a bit though. Having the World Cup in the winter months wouldn’t cause too many issues for MLS clubs who will just beginning their preseason camps around that time. At worst it could cause that season to stay a week late.

For once MLS games wouldn’t be scheduled at the same time as World Cup games which have to benefit the average MLS fan. Its kind of like having your cake and eating it too.

What do you all think of a winter World Cup in Qatar? I support the idea if it does happen. To me it would take the sting of the US losing the bid away a bit.

  • Whatever they need to do to justify awarding Qatar I am all for it. I mean if the FIFA inspection team fails it and they still award it anyways, at this point they need to do whatever damage control they can to justify the decision.

  • Anonymous

    The bid was awarded to Qatar for the summer of 2022. It was supposed to be the “best” bid. Now it dawns on FIFA that it is hot in the summer in Qatar? What a bunch of crap. C’mon Qatar start building those stadiums and start air conditioning the country.