Timbers Kit Leaked

Timbers Kit Leaked

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 9, 2010
  • Kits

The Portland Timbers are set to unveil their new MLS jerseys today but as always the internet attacks before they are able to release them.

Below is the leaked home kit for the Timbers. First thoughts are that I like them but don’t love them. The sleeves bother me for some reason, I’d rather them be all green with white and yellow trim. Also is it me or does it appear the middle of the kit has two different greens in it? Part of me think this is one of the 60 or so kits adidas was working with and we’ll see the real final kit later today. Just a hunch really.

I’m still curious to see the road kit, which is expected to be Rose City red. I like the idea of them having a green home kit and a red road kit. Something different that you just don’t see in this league right now. Once the kits are really released today I’ll have photos of them up here too.

  • I think they nailed this. It seemed overwhelming at first, but after taking a few minutes to adjust to it, I think this is the classiest jersey in MLS. They really nailed it, and Timbers fans will love it.