Stage One Of The Re-Entry Draft Results

Stage One Of The Re-Entry Draft Results

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 8, 2010
  • 2010 Re-Entry Draft, Aaron Hohlbein, Joseph Ngwenya

Just like that the first stage of the¬†inaugural¬†MLS Re-Entry draft was over. If you blink you missed it. We all knew going into the first stage of this new post season draft would be quick seeing how clubs had to practically match or exceed the player’s previous contract. With the majority of the players in the re-entry pool being high priced guys the clubs did little to work with in the first round.

In the end there were only two selections today. D.C. United used their first pick like they said they would to snag striker Joseph Ngwenya from the Houston Dynamo while the Columbus Crew took defender Aaron Hohlbein from Sporting Kansas City.

Yes, that was all folks. The other 16 clubs passed on their picks.

Most clubs tweeted after they passed on their picks that next week’s second round would be more lively. You have to imagine we’ll see more than two picks if not seeing all 18 clubs partake in the draft. With clubs being able to get some of these players in the re-entry pool at a cheaper rate the amount of picks will certainly go up and cause some big changes in the league.

So what can we quickly say about the two picks that were made today?

First of all for D.C. United snagging a cheaper striker has depth reason written all over it. They got Ngwenya for his speed, not his touch that is for sure. Ngwenya always poses problems for defenses with that speed and if they can find the right mix to go with him they can see some success out of him. I do wonder why they would pick a guy like Ngwenya though when his former club, which was a team that needed forwards dumped him. His price was right though (about $72k in 2010) so that has to be part of it.

For the Crew, they’ve lost a lot of depth in the back this winter and getting a poor-man’s Eric Brunner (who got snagged away by Portland) is a small step in the right direction for them. Hohlbien may not be a sexy name to some but he should provide some solid support for the Crew. Plus he’s cheap, real cheap ($40k in 2010).