Getting A Handle On This Re-Entry Thing

Getting A Handle On This Re-Entry Thing

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 6, 2010
  • 2010 Re-Entry Draft

Understanding this new MLS Re-Entry Draft isn’t easy. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what all of this bona-fide offer talk is about. Not many of us do really. Teams have until Wednesday to get their ducks in a row so to speak for the first round of this new draft. D.C. United is technically on the clock.

What should we really expect out of this first round though? Most teams are not saying much about it while a couple teams have come out and said they like their options here.

A couple items to keep in mind before we get into this though. Teams who do pick up a player in this draft have to match or exceed the previous contract that the player had or the player can opt out to negotiate a deal with their current clubs. With so many high priced players eligible for this draft I wouldn’t be shocked to see some cheaper players get selected first. Players can come back for the second round and if they aren’t selected then at a discounted rate then the true free agency for them begins.

If you’re a player in this re-entry pool you want to be selected in this first round as your salary won’t change too drastically. Clubs on the other hand will want to negotiate down, thus the second round of this draft will likely be the place where we see some action.

I’d imagine only a hand full of players will get selected this week in the first round. Though I do think we could see one or two big names come off the boards but the rest will likely be the cheaper or mid-level players out there that teams could pick up for depth reasons. Guys like Cory Gibbs, Tyrone Marshall, Joseph Ngwenya, or even someone younger like Chris Seitz. Yes Philly fans, someone could even take him…just notice the word “could in that sentence before you comment.

Teams like Toronto seem to be eager to get on with this new process while I’d imagine some clubs like Real Salt Lake or FC Dallas could really care less about picking up players this way right now. But we’ll see.

We got to remember this is the first time the league is using this process in the offseason. I’d imagine after the two rounds are up we’ll see some tweaks made to it to make it better in the future. Plus it remains to be seen yet if this new system will work more in favor of the players who wanted this kind of system in the first place. Where it stands right now it still looks like most of the power is out of their hands.

Wednesday will either be interesting or just another day in the MLS offseason.