Stadium On The Water, Miami’s Latest Idea

Stadium On The Water, Miami’s Latest Idea

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 3, 2010
  • MLS Expansion, MLS Miami

At this point I don’t know what else there is to say to the folks down in South Florida. We all know you want MLS back but it seems that ideas like this one show the options are running out here. I know I’ll get plenty of lovely comments/emails for this but if this is all they have to offer now then their hopes of MLS there have faded more than I even thought at this point.

Still you do have to say it is a creative idea. The idea of a stadium by the water isn’t bad, hell, I believe Vancouver has been trying to get one by the water for some time now. But the fact that this one appears to be pretty much on the water makes my head spin a bit.

Sigh. At least they’re still trying right? Gotta commend the folks there for their persistent efforts here.

Hat tip for this one goes out to SF, the MLS Insider himself.

  • That would be absolutely amazing until the first hurricane of the year.

    • My wonder is do you have scuba divers for ball people instead of ones roaming the sidelines?

      • Anonymous

        Nope, most likely they would just sit out there in boats and kayaks like they do for SF Giant games in McCovey Cove.

    • Will

      That is the first thought that came to my mind. I just don’t see a soccer team returning to Florida any time soon.

  • Funny hearing derogatory comments from a fan of a team that built a stadium 20+ miles from Dallas, and no one goes.

    • At least Dallas has a team

      • no actually Frisco does. Dallas doesn’t even know they do.

  • Similar but not nearly as flashy.

  • Don Worth


    You may not realize this but the Miami Marine Stadium already EXISTS. It was built in 1963 primarily to watch boat racing-for years, performers such as Jimmy Buffett played there on a floating stage. The Stadium was closed in 1993 by the City. Our group, Friends of Marine Stadium, is working to restore the Stadium and bring it back into service. Check out our website ( and take a look at the photos. We’ve made good progress as the restoration of the Stadium is a key priority of Mayor Tomas Regalado.

    We know the soccer field can be built-because there is one like it in Singapore and we have been independently approached by a company that builds docks in Miami telling us that they could built it.

    We would have to be able to move the soccer field because of the need to hold other events at the Stadium.

  • Garrick

    Who gets the ball when it goes out of bounds and into the water?

  • soccerman

    Vancouver is trying for over the water, they want it elevated over the train tracks down by the docks