Sizing Up The World Cup Bids

Sizing Up The World Cup Bids

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 30, 2010
  • 2018 World Cup, 2022 World Cup, World Cup bids

Qatar offers amazing new stadiums to combat the desert heat. But will it be enough to beat the US?

Pretty much everyone and their mother has had opinons on the World Cup bids for 2018 and 2022. I had covered this a bit over the last year or so since the US Bid Committee came out and said they were wanting to host one of those two Cups. The last couple months I sort of got burnt out on the whole thing, mostly due to the number of scandals involved with it. Seeing how this week we’ll know if the US gets the 2022 World Cup or not I thought it was fitting to take a quick look at each bid and see where things could go.

If you want a real solid look at the Bids for the US and some odds for each check out Grant Wahl’s article over at There’s no beating around the bush that Wahl is on the money with his writing.

Here is my quick and dirty look at each bid for the two World Cups.

2018 World Cup Bids

England: Always believed to be the frontrunner for the 2018 bids. In some ways it still is as the stadiums are there and they will not have to build any additional ones to host. They haven’t hosted a Cup since 1966 either. But the FA there has not made any friends recently with FIFA on the whole bid process. One has to think that they’ve slipped out of the running here a bit with media exposes.

Russia: The biggest threat to England for the 2018 Cup. They are an emerging power in the soccer world in some eyes. With a successful World Cup in South Africa this year FIFA has to feel okay about going to a place like Russia too. They’ve never hosted the World Cup and their entire country is putting a lot of money behind hosting it with improved stadiums, new stadiums and lots of¬†infrastructure¬†changes.

Spain/Portugal: One of the joint bids in this that could make things very interesting. Apparently they have some friends in FIFA that could help swing votes their way.

Holland/Belgium: The biggest longshot of them all. I highly doubt they’ll get more than a vote or two.

Final thoughts: To me its down to Russia and England. Had you asked me this a couple months ago I would have said England without hesitation but Russia’s bid seems pretty strong. I know England is the “birthplace” and all of soccer but having it in a country like Russia wouldn’t be all that bad I don’t think. The Spain/Portugal bid intrigues me as their stadium situation is pretty impressive too. I think though the money that Russia will dump into this will possibly put them over the top and tip the votes in their favor.

2022 World Cup Bids:

United States: We’ve discussed this bid numerous times and where the strengths are. Maybe an outsider can tell me the weaknesses here but I don’t see too many on the surface, maybe the fact that we just hosted it in 1994 could be the only thing holding us back. We know that this bid will bring in loads of money to FIFA which they have to like. No new stadiums will be needed to build to host this and its possible that newer ones could be on the way that sneak into the hosting plan down the road.

Australia: Never hosted a World Cup but they did do well hosting the Olympics back in 2000. The biggest thing in my mind holding them back is the horrible TV times that they’ll get in the US and across Europe by hosting here. Also the possibility of an Asian World Cup in China in 2026 has to be holding them (and Japan and South Korea) back too.

Qatar: Seemingly the biggest competition to the US’s bid due to the money that will be spend to make this happen there. But does FIFA really want to host an event in the desert? With reports that¬†spectators, players and team staff’s could be subject to major health risk from the heat has to be a cause for concern. Still FIFA loves projects like this in getting upstart countries to host big events. That part is and will work in their favor.

Japan: Hosted back with South Korea in 2002. Kind of believe this is a longshot here.

South Korea: Hosted with Japan in 2002. Another longshot.

Final Thoughts: Most people believe its down to the US and Qatar. Those people are probably right but at the end of the day FIFA has to look at the pros and cons for both and the US just has too many pros to Qatar here. I think even though they want to have a World Cup in a region like this its just not going to happen this time around. FIFA will bank more on China hosting in 2026 which will ultimately help the US land the 2022 World Cup.