Olsen Named D.C. Manager

Olsen Named D.C. Manager

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 29, 2010
  • Ben Olsen

At the end of the day it was their only move, and it turns out it should be the right move anyways.

D.C. United has stepped up and named Ben Olsen as their new manager today. Olsen takes over the reigns of the Black-and-Red on a permanent basis after serving as interim boss since August 4 following the dismissal of Curt Onalfo. He is the seventh head coach in club history.

This feels a lot like last winter with D.C. United. They went into the break looking for a new manager and came away with what I called at the time a move that wouldn’t work in Curt Onalfo. I said at the time they settled on Onalfo because everyone else turned them down and he was really the only choice out there. Turns out this looks to be the case this winter with Olsen but the only difference is I don’t believe they are settling for Olsen this time around. Sure they said he wasn’t ready earlier this fall but I see this as a move in the right direction for them as the team and the players believe in Olsen. I don’t believe they ever really gave Onalfo a shot.

Olsen knows the club in and out as he was a huge part of the team for his playing career. He’ll make the club better as long as Kevin Payne and Dave Kasper stop signing dubs from overseas. The biggest reason D.C. has been in the decline is because of them. They go after these overseas guys each winter and come away looking worse then they were before. Letting Olsen be a bigger part in the player decisions could go a long way as he’ll be able to get “his guys” in there instead of Kasper or Payne getting some South American that may work out.

Like I said I see this as a good move for D.C United. The rebuilding however is going to take a while but they’ve already started off well by getting someone like Dax McCarty in for their midfield. If they can get Ethan White to sign a Home Grown Talent contract then they’ll be on track. I really believe they are a couple defenders and a quality striker away from being a player again in the eastern conference. Its just a matter of time if Payne and Kasper can actually let Olsen and his staff do more of the scouting.

Some will say this is a questionable or fall-back decision on D.C.’s part but this is the right move for a club that has been in a downward spiral for the better part of three or four years now.

  • I am sure Olsen is a great guy and means well, but when it comes down to it, Payne and Kasper are the biggest problems with DC right now. To say multiple times publicly that Olsen isn’t ready and then turn around and hire him is just idiotic. What is this team doing?