Live: 2010 Expansion Draft Talk

Live: 2010 Expansion Draft Talk

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 24, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

The expansion draft is here! The Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps are ready to make the first selections.

I will provide some commentary throughout the draft here. (Note my comments are based in central time)

1:55: Ok, I’ll have a full recap here in a bit. Very interesting draft for both clubs.

1:53: Solid final pick. When he is healthy he can be an absolute beast.

20th pick: Vancouver selects John Thornington from Chicago.

1:50: Solid pick here for the Timbers to wrap up things. Alvarez can be very good when he wants to be I think. Spencer should be able to work him into the player he can be.

19th pick: Portland selects Arturo Alvarez.

1:49: Decent depth pick for Vancouver I think. Leathers has a shot to be better in Vancouver than he ever was in KC.

18th pick: Vancouver selects Jonathan Leathers from Kansas City.

1:47: Boy Portland is making some questionable picks here late in the draft. I don’t get it really. Sounds like a depth pick more than anything here to me.

17th pick: Portland takes Jordan Graye from D.C. Untied

1:43: Wow, great pick I think from Vancouver. I really like that for them.

16th pick: Vancouver selects Joe Cannon from San Jose.

1:41: What? Why? Take a guy that is going to Mexico? Really?

15th Pick: Portland selects Jonathan Bornstein from Chivas USA

1:39: Guess Vancouver is just taking offense here and will sign their USL defense. Not a bad idea if you saw their defense in 2010. Moreno is a decent pick and is a solid veteran pick up.

14th pick: Vancouver selects Alejandro Moreno from Philadelphia.

1:36: Had Lowry, though a bit jokingly in my mock draft…pulled the pick back but this is a good pick for the Timbers. Dasen Robinson gets pulled back.

13th pick: Portland selects Peter Lowry from Chicago.

1:32: Love this pick for Vancouver really, White can be a solid striker when he wants to be I think. Getting out of Toronto should be a good thing for him. Toronto pulls back Julian de Guzman.

12th pick: Vancouver selects O’Brien White from Toronto.

1:31: MLS still in the books for Findley but wow, that’s taking a flier for Portland. Not sure about that pick. RSL is off the board.

11th pick: Portland takes Robbie Findley from RSL. WOW

1:29: Nearly done with this “halftime” Portland back on the clock.

1:27: Chivas, Colorado, RSL, and Philadelphia can still have one player taken. Columbus, Dallas and Seattle are off the boards. Loads of players still out there.

1:26: So far Portland has some quality picks in McCarty, Wallace, Brunner, Moffat and Horst. I figured they’d go defensive here and they’ve done a great job so far in doing that. Vancouver went a little more offensive like I expected in getting Gordon, Salinas, Stugis, Harris and Nyassi.

1:25: Wow, thought they’d take a RSL player for sure here. Gordon to Vancouver is a good pick though for them.

10th pick: Vancouver selects Alan Gordon from Chivas USA.

1:22: Kind of thought Horst would be pick, which was why I predicted he would be protected. RSL pulls back Collen Warner.

9th Pick: Portland selects David Horst from Salt Lake.

1:20: Decent pick, when he’s healthy he can be very good. Still a young player that can be worked in well for the Caps. Philly removes Chris Seitz from the unprotected list.

8th Pick: Vancouver selects Shea Salinas from Philadelphia.

1:19: Wells Thompson pulled by back the Rapids. Gotta believe now that Columbus, Seattle and Dallas are off the board in terms of players to be pick, Colorado and RSL are going to get picked off now.

1:18: Young player but a great pick for the Timbers.

7th Pick: Portland selects Anthony Wallace from Colorado.

1:15: Had no idea they could take two from one team but solid pick for the Caps.

6th pick: Vancouver selects Nathan Sturgis from Seattle.

1:13: Like the pick, Moffat can be a stud when healthy.

5th Pick: Portland selects Adam Moffat from Columbus Crew

1:11: Dallas now off the board, Harris is a good pick for the Caps, but Dallas took a beating in this draft losing McCarty and Harris.

4th pick: Vancouver selects Atiba Harris from FC Dallas

1:08: Solid pick by Portland, young and cheap defender with plenty of good experience. The Crew pull back Kevin Burns.

3rd pick: Portland selects Eric Brunner from Columbus.

1:06: Solid first pick, get a threatening player. Seattle pulls back Patrick Ianni, good move for them as Portland wold have taken him.

2nd Pick: Vancouver selects Sainey Nyassi from Seattle.

1:02: Great pick for Portland, McCarty will be an absolute beast for them for years to come. Still shocked Harris or Avila were not pulled back by Dallas but it just shows you how valuable Hernandez is to them.

1:02: Daniel Hernandez gets pulled back for Dallas. Probably should have pulled back Eric Avila.

First pick: Portland selects Dax McCarty from FC Dallas.

1:00: here we go! Portland is on the clock.


12:59: Just about to get started here…both teams will play of turf next year. Gotta believe that will be a factor for each club’s selections.


12:56: Greg Lalas talking John Thornington for Vancouver…love that idea really even though he’s had injury issues. Could be a valuable pick for someone.


12:55 (CT): Few minutes before the first pick. Lots of Dax McCarty talk. He’s going number one right? You gotta believe so.