Items To Consider For Today’s Expansion Draft

Items To Consider For Today’s Expansion Draft

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 24, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

Just a few things of note to consider before the expansion draft today.

1. Expansion teams have right to negotiate player contracts. Yes some players up for grabs today are out of contract and were unprotected for a reason by their clubs. Portland and Vancouver can still pick them and will have the first right to negotiate contracts (up, down, or the same) with the player. Some argue that its worthless to take a player in the draft today if he is out of contract when you can get in the re-entry draft. Honestly if one of these two teams want a player bad enough they’ll take him regardless of him having a contract or not because they can still come to terms with that player.

2. Salaries are a huge part of this, so is age. I have a feeling one team may go a little more older and the other a little younger today. In previous years the salaries have been a large part in the draft. Teams draft young and cheap for a reason or play the Toronto card and draft old and expensive to hold a team hostage for a player like Jason Kreis. Point being today I think both go fairly cheap with the exception of two, maybe three picks where both go for older and slightly more pricy players.

3. A DP won’t get drafted today. Some thing Juan Pablo Angel will get picked. Others think Blaise Nkufo or Julian de Guzman will. At the end of it I’d be utterly shocked if one got picked mainly due to the high contract. Now if one team thinks they can get the DP tag removed from one of these guys then all bets are off. I do think the one that is most likely to get taken is de Guzman but even that one I don’t feel great about saying it will happen.

4. A DP trade bait? This comes back to the Jason Kreis situation a couple years back. Pick up a guy like JPA and you have instant trade bait for the SuperDraft or elsewhere. I wouldn’t look past one of the two teams picking a DP like JPA just for trade bait for later on. Think New England or someone else would love to get their hands on JPA today after a little deal with Portland? I think so.

5. A goalkeeper situation. Many believe that since both clubs have keepers in camp or signed at this point that neither will take a keeper in the draft. I got a good feeling this morning that at least one keeper will be taken, likely a cheap back-up like Brad Knighton or Andrew Dysktra. Pat Onstad seems like a likely candidate for selection, by either team really, but he’s been unprotected nearly every year for the expansion draft due to his age and salary. Vancouver could select him but I’m honestly not backing on it today.

6. Old club fun. Just like every year you’ll see clubs picking who have tied with players elsewhere. This year you have John Spencer who’s got ties with Houston players and then Tom Soehn leading the front office charge in Vancouver who has ties with D.C. players. I’d be willing to bet Spencer’s old ties will player a larger factor today than Soehn’s.

7. Trades will be made. If it is like past years (and I could be totally wrong on this), there is a short trade window after the draft for clubs. If Monday is any indication I’d imagine some parts will be moved shortly after the draft.