WVH Mock Expansion Draft

WVH Mock Expansion Draft

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 23, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft, Mock Draft

Tomorrow is the 2010 Expansion Draft for the Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps. I got fellow WVH writer Chris Thomas (aka Brookhattan on twitter) to do a mock draft here. I took Portland while Chris tackled Vancouver in this draft. We did this draft earlier today and there are some surprise picks in this draft. Some folks won’t like a couple of the picks while others just seem destined to happen tomorrow.

I’ve also included a bit of commentary from Chris about each pick as well.

1. Portland Timbers – Dax McCarty (FC Dallas):

Me: I really feel that since Portland is saying they’ll take the best available player first, and by that they mean best available player within their budget (aka no DPs). That’s where I come up with McCarty here who was a rock for FCD this year but has always had some issues with head coach Schellas Hyndman. I’d be a bit shocked if he doesn’t come off the board tomorrow.

2. Vancouver Whitecaps – Blaise Nkufo (Seattle):

Chris’s explanation: This isn’t to get at Seattle but based on the fact that Nkufo’s wife lives in Vancouver this pick seems like a good one to make even as bizarre as it sounds.

3. Portland Timbers – Collen Warner (Real Salt Lake):

Me: When I saw his name on the un-protection list last night I immediately had him pegged as a future Timber. He’s from the area, played in the Timber’s youth system and went to the University of Portland. Plus he’s a very quality player that can make an impact right away I believe.

4. Vancouver Whitecaps – O’Brien White (Toronto):

Chris: He’s Canadian, fast and although a little too expensive there is no way they could pass him up. Although Sanyang might be the better player from Toronto.

5. Portland Timbers – Patrick Ianni (Seattle):

Me: He’s one of John Spencer’s old mates in Houston. Just seems logical given the fact that he had such a quality 2010 season with the Sounders. Plus the Timbers have to pick a Sounder right?

6. Vancouver Whitecaps – Andy Williams (RSL):

Chris: Veteran pick, could easily piss some folks in Salt Lake off but even with his wife’s condition its the right pick.

7. Portland Timbers – Anthony Wallace (Colorado):

Me: I’ve seen Wally plenty over the years to know that he’s a quality enough player in the right system. I think with Spencer it could be the perfect fit for him. He’s done well enough since leaving Dallas and joining the Rapids but he’s good enough to get picked up here.

8. Vancouver Whitecaps – Dasan Robinson (Chicago):

Chris: Very cheap and versatile.

9. Portland Timbers – Jason Garey (Columbus):

Me: I’ve always felt that Garey needed a change of venue for the last couple years. This is the perfect time for that to happen.

10. Vancouver Whitecaps – Pat Onstad (Houston):

Chris: Because I have to.

11. Portland Timbers – Andrew Jacobson (Philadelphia):

Me: Getting some speed in the midfield would be good for Spencer, I’ve always thought Jacobson could be developed into a very good player when given the proper time.

12. Vancouver Whitecaps – Adam Moffat (Columbus):

Chris: Huge upside, and cheap, he was a stud in 2008.

13. Portland Timbers – Pat Phalen (New England):

Me: Put him alongside Dax McCarty in the midfield and that’s a solid one-two punch before the backline.

14. Vancouver Whitecaps – Ibrahim Diop (Kansas City):

Chris: He scored a few goals late in the year and is dirt cheap.

15. Portland Timbers – Bobby Burling (San Jose):

Me: Had a quality year in San Jose this past season, could be a good veteran leader in the back for the team too.

16. Vancouver Whitecaps – Arturo Alvarez (San Jose):

Chris: Put him alongside Blake Wagner (if they sign him) and you could have a big impact from the wings.

17. Portland Timbers – Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City):

Me: If it happens I bet it will be earlier in the draft but think of JC with the Timbers Army. He may cost them a little extra but boy he’d be worth it for a couple years I think.

18. Vancouver Whitecaps – Andrew Boyens (New York):

Chris: Has some World Cup experience and could breakout in a new setting.

19. Portland Timbers – Corey Ashe (Houston):

Me: Still waiting for him to breakout a little bit, could do so under Spencer who is very familiar with him.

20. Edson Edwards (Dallas):

Chris: Possibly this year’s David Myrie but could also be a stud in the making.

To recap: RSL, Columbus, Seattle, Dallas, Kansas City, San Jose, and Houston all had two players taken. Toronto, Colorado, Chicago, Philadelphia, New England and New York all had just one. Team without any players taken were LA, D.C., and Chivas USA.

Also keep in mind we didn’t remove any player from a team’s unprotected list when they lost a player. Honestly we didn’t have the time to do it. Secondly if you look as previous expansion drafts they are always a bit of a head scratcher so we both figure tomorrow will be pretty much the same. The obvious pick doesn’t always get made in these drafts either.

Vancouver is a bit of a mystery at this point considering how few players they’ve signed in comparison to Portland. I still believe they’ll go a bit more midfield and attacking minded in their draft tomorrow but more than likely both clubs will go fairly balance in an effort to snatch a hand-full of starters for next year.

  • Steve

    I don’t normally post here but as a Whitecap fan I have to ask a question. Has Chris been beaten while on a trip to Vancouver? I doubt the Caps are going to use their first in order to reunite a married couple. Onstad and White are two overpriced Canadians that can be acquired by trade or the waiver draft. Lenarduzzi has said the Whitecaps are going to be a young team. With DeMerit, Rochet and Chuimiento the Caps have three high priced players. Don’t expect many through the draft to come to Vancouver.

  • baumer

    Chris – I understand the Onstad pick but why 10th when no other players have been selected from Houston yet. That I don’t get.

    • Don’t get hung up on the order here…Houston doesn’t exactly have a big selection of players this year when you really boil it all down.

  • Jason

    Why would any team waste a pick on Garey when he can be had in the re-entry draft? Columbus already said that his contract isn’t being re-newed, so he’d be available in December.

    • Why wouldn’t they? They have the right to negotiate the contract (up or down). It makes more sense to grab a guy this way and negotiate with them than to gamble in hopes of getting him in the Re-entry draft when more teams could be going for him. Garey may not be that kind of guy that most will want but it isn’t totally out of the question for an expansion team to want him and pick him today.

  • Leo

    No! You can NOT take Bomma! Grrr!!!