Quick MLS Cup Reaction

Quick MLS Cup Reaction

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 22, 2010
  • 2010 MLS Cup

Colorado celebrates their first MLS Cup. (Getty Images)

I won’t go into why the Colorado Rapids won their first MLS Cup last night, nor will I go into why FC Dallas came away empty handed and heartbroken. No I’ll leave the massive amounts of recaps to those who get paid to do it.

All I can do at this point is be happy for the Colorado Rapids and their fans. The win was well deserved and was dramatic to say the very least. Some complained that this game wouldn’t be good due to the lack of marquee names but in the end I think most can agree that the game itself (aside from the game-winning goal) was pretty dang good and fun to watch. The attacking was there in the game, the physical play brought the level of intensity up and like I said the drama was there.

Sadly enough I do believe this game will be remembered for most MLS fans in a couple manners. I mean this in no disrespect to what Colorado did because as the old adage goes a goal is a goal no matter how it is scored but the game was won on two fairly crappy goals. One was scrappy on Conor Casey’s part I will say but the other was an own-goal in every sense of it. Not the way anyone would have dreamed of winning/losing a game really. Also it will be remembered for poor if not God-awful officiating and the mass exodus of Toronto fans bolting shortly before kickoff (you can’t say they were on Hot Chocolate break for the entire game).

Still at the end of the season we have a new champion, a first time champion and a club that really needed that boost or shot in the arm from winning a title. I can already see what the Rocky Mountain Cup will be like next year when you have the two most recent MLS champions squaring off. Boy that will be intense.

As for Dallas I still feel for the club. Having been around the team this season I can say this is a quality group of individuals who really worked hard and deserved better, especially George John who caused the game-winner for Colorado.  Schellas Hyndman has built a winner there in Dallas and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Kudos to MLS this year, they put on a heck of a show. I’ll have more today about the 2011 season and all the fun changes that will take place. Plus the expansion draft lists will be unveiled later today so you can believe I’ll have that up here too.

  • Cannon Girl

    Nothing against the good work done by Dallas, but John shouldn’t be too hard on himself because Colorado probably would have won the game anyway had it remained tied and gone to penalty kicks. It never fails.

  • Totoro

    Re-watched the game off the DVR. The officiating was horrendous. Swallowing the whistle constantly led to much unneeded chippiness. A lot of the worst stuff was set off by a previous, uncalled foul. Brutal. Even speaking as a Colorado fan, the Rapids were fortunate to win. Dallas had more chances–they just didn’t convert. As Hyndman said, sometimes it happens. They were a great team.