2010 Expansion Draft List: Colorado Rapids

2010 Expansion Draft List: Colorado Rapids

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 19, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

The Rapids will have no problem keeping their core group of players. (Brian Stevens for WVHooligan.com)

Its the final day of my expansion draft lists, we’ll be unveiling the MLS Cup finalists today starting off with the Colorado Rapids.

To recap, so far I’ve covered lists for the following teams: the Chicago FireChivas USA, the Columbus CrewD.C. United, the Houston Dynamo, the Kansas City Wizards, the LA Galaxy, the New England Revolution, the New York Red Bulls, the Philadelphia UnionReal Salt Lake, the San Jose Earthquakes, the Seattle Sounders FC, and Toronto FC. As always for those curious about the expansion draft rules click here (there are some funky rules about international players and what not).

There is little doubt in my mind that the Rapids could stand to lose two important pieces to their MLS Cup run here next week when Portland and Vancouver select in the draft. Gary Smith’s club may come up a bit lucky in the fact that they do have some guys worth leaving unprotected due to high contracts.

Below are the 11 players I see being protected:

  1. Omar Cummings – Easily player to predict for protection, I do hope he stays in MLS.
  2. Conor Casey – I believe Casey wouldn’t have nearly half of the goals that he has had these last couple years if it weren’t for Cummings. Still gotta protect him though.
  3. Jeff Larentowicz – Best offseason move the Rapids have made in years.
  4. Drew Moor – He’s really found a nice home with the Rapids.
  5. Marvell Wynne – Still dangerous as ever from the back.
  6. Matt Pickens – Not the flashiest of keepers but still a quality one at that.
  7. Pablo Mastroeni – Veteran that holds the team together.
  8. Jamie Smith – Quality player but his international status is the reason he’s here.
  9. Kosuke Kimura – His goal got them to the MLS Cup but that’s not my only reason for protecting him.
  10. Danny Earls – An international that has to be protected.
  11. Julien Baudet – Protected last year, and will be again this year.

Those unprotected are:

  • Claudio Lopez
  • Wells Thompson
  • Macoumba Kandji
  • Ciaran O’Brien
  • Brian Mullan
  • Andre Akpan
  • Quincy Amarikwa
  • Steward Ceus
  • Michael Holody
  • Ian Joyce
  • Ross LaBauex
  • Scott Palguta
  • Ross Schunk
  • Anthony Wallace

Players protected via Generation adidas/Home Grown Talent:

  • Davy Armstrong

Alright, actually the more I think about the more confident I am about those 11. You could make a case for someone like Wallace, Smith or Thompson to be protected but I couldn’t see them being more valuable than ones like Kandji or Mullen. But the Rapids have some higher priced veterans that I can’t see them protecting over guys like Mastroeni or Larentowicz.

Fact of the matter this club is built on defense and the core of that defense that led them to the MLS Cup will be protected along with some majorly key offensive parts.

Edit: Based on a comment below I updated the internationals for this list with Smith and Earls above Mullan and Kandji. I had incorrect information on the internationals with the club so I had to make the adjustment accordingly.

  • Bmer916

    sucks, we’re gonna lose a left-back, either Earls or Wallace, after losing our previous left-back Jordan Harvey to the Philly draft. grr. should be allowed to protect 12 instead of 11.

  • Jason

    You only have 1 of 3 required internationals in your list. Kandji, Kimura, and Cummings all have green cards and no longer count (according to TD Paul Bravo at the final regular season tailgate).. My expectation is that Mullan and Kandji will be replaced with Smith and Earls.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Pickens is replaced by Wallace either, but its a bit of a stretch.

    • Thanks for the info Jason, I was given wrong info on their internationals then. I’ve updated my list accordingly with your suggestions actually. Those two were pretty much last on my list to be added so it made sense they got knocked off for the internationals.