So There It Is, Dallas and Colorado

So There It Is, Dallas and Colorado

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 15, 2010
  • 2010 MLS Cup

Colorado and Dallas will battle for the 2010 MLS Cup. (Getty Images)

Did anyone see this coming? Seriously in March did anyone see this coming? No? If you did you’re totally lying right now because no one in their right mind had Dallas and Colorado pegged for a MLS Cup final this year. Sure, Dallas fans were hopeful their 2009 run that looked promising at the end would lead them to bigger and better things in 2010 thought their club could make it this far. Its possible to think that Colorado fans had a similar thought when they saw how good Conor Casey and Omar Cummings could be together.

But this was not the dream final anyone thought of for 2010. MLS didn’t dream it up; Don Garber certainly will not know how to spin it; and folks in Toronto have to wonder how to sell it to their local fans. It’s not a sexy match-up in the least bit.

At the end of the day however we have a Cup final that we should be able to enjoy. Yes the playoff system is broken with a Colorado team winning the eastern conference when their western conference opponent is technically more eastern than they are. Yes the higher seeds in the playoffs stumbled when it mattered most and looked pretty bad at times even. Yes the home field advantage wasn’t much of one for anyone except for maybe Colorado. And yes the there really is no doubt in my mind that the two teams left standing are doing so because their schedules were waaaaay more relaxed than the other teams involved in the playoffs. Neither had SuperLiga or CCL games to worry about, and both went out early in the US Open Cup tournament.

I know there are those out there that will basically pack it in as far as coverage of this year’s MLS Cup goes and say this year was a waste because of the final. To those people, get over yourself. This is likely going to be a Cup final that we all can enjoy. There are no Designated Players out there and quite honestly I’m happy for that fact. I know as a MLS fan we want the league to have a high profile final between teams like LA, New York, Seattle or Chicago but let’s face the facts none of those teams were able to do what Dallas and Colorado have done lately.

Colorado is basically the team that we’ve seen these last couple years that got into the playoffs as a lower seed and made a run. Dallas on the other hand knocked out easily the two toughest teams in the playoffs in Real Salt Lake and the LA Galaxy. Its not a knock on Colorado’s upset over Columbus in PKs or their win at home against a beat up San Jose side. No, they earned it.

We know get two clubs battling for a MLS Cup that have never won the thing and I couldn’t be happier with that thought. I said this back at the World Cup that when Spain and Holland met it was a good thing because we’d have a new champion that had never won before. The same thing goes here. Colorado has been there while Dallas has not but let’s be honest that previous experience means absolutely nothing to this current Rapids’ squad. So don’t let anyone try to fool you with that notion.

I’ll break this game down more as the week goes on but right off the bat it should be a good one. Both have solid defenses and both know how to attack when they want to. Hopefully this run for both teams can spark their owners to do a little bit more next season and in return get more butts in their stadium’s seats. But that may be a topic for another day this week.

I think for now I’m going to enjoy what this week will bring. A new champion.

  • “I think for now I’m going to enjoy what this week will bring. A new champion.”

    Unlike say what, the last 2 years? This year we will crown the third new never-before-champion in a row.

    I am probably more interested in seeing the attendance of this cup with the 2 least supported teams in MLS battle in a foreign land. I am sure Toronto is very excited to host these guys.

  • Cannon Girl

    Extremely proud of my Quakes performance this season despite their defeat by Colorado Saturday night, but I was TOTALLY blindsided by LA’s loss to Dallas last night. 2010 marks the second year in a row LA should have won it all but didn’t. How classy though of Arena in not pointing fingers, but simply citing the reasons for his team’s loss: being out-coached and out-played (other coaches/teams should take note). Nothing would make me happier than my Quakes taking the Cup home next year, but if third time’s the charm for LA, it will certainly be poetic justice because they’ve earned it. Best wishes to FC Dallas in Toronto, and a very happy off season to one and all. Miss you Joe—WHO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO—GO QUAKES!!! : )