Vancouver and Arnoux

Vancouver and Arnoux

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 4, 2010
  • Cody Arnoux

We’ve discussed this topic before. The Vancouver Whitecaps are still hoping to have Cody Arnoux on their roster for next year for their first season in Major League Soccer. The MLS front office continues to think that Arnoux should be placed in either a weighted lottery or the MLS SuperDraft in January.

All of this continues to get more confusing really. The Vancouver Sun is reporting today that the Whitecaps have signed him for 2011, despite what MLS has said in the past about handling him. Whitecaps president Bob Lenarduzzi said Arnoux’s 2011 deal hasn’t been approved by MLS officials yet as the league and the club battle over his status.

Its all tricky due to the fact that Arnoux spent time in Europe with Everton’s reserve team. Yes reserve team, not the main squad in the EPL with Timmy Howard but the reserve team. Based on how the league handles Americans returning to MLS or coming to MLS for the first time from Europe they feel the weighted lottery (or even in this case the SuperDraft) is the way to go. I get that but all this for a guy to spent time on a EPL reserve side seems a bit much at this point.

I know the league doesn’t want any team to have an unfair advantage when coming into the league as an expansion team but Vancouver feels that since they had him on their D-2 roster then they get first crack at signing him. Which in a way is the case of how they’re going about it here.

Basically Vancouver doesn’t want to spend a draft pick on this guy. In a way I don’t blame them because at this point he’d probably be more of a late first rounder or even a early second rounder in next January’s draft. Plus Arnoux picked up an injury in the D-2 playoffs so I can’t imagine his draft stock would be overly high right now. The league just doesn’t want Vancouver to have their cake and eat it too it seems at this point.

What do you all think? Should Vancouver have to draft him in the SuperDraft? Or should he be placed in a weighted lottery that Vancouver (and Portland) would have the top chances of winning? Or should the league just allow Vancouver to sign him?

  • Dizzo

    I don’t see any reason he shouldn’t be on the 2011 roster. He never played in MLS before so he isn’t really a returning player. I don’t know why he shouldn’t be treated any differently than an international or any other D2 player.

  • Ben Blanding

    THe real argument to put him in the superdraft is that he would have been a relatively high draft pick last year if he had entered it. But he chose to go to europe and washed out and now wants to come back to MLS. If MLS allows him to sign with Vancouver they are afraid they’ll set a precedent of allowing people getting around the superdraft by going and doing something else for a year then just joining up with a team. I think vancouver should be allowed to take him but giving up one of their first round picks seems like a fair trade.

    putting him in a wieghted lottery would be beyond silly though. I mean he washed out of the everton reserve team. not exactly returning from international play. Was there a weighted draft for Steve Purdy? he played for the reserves of 1860 Munich for 2 years. I don’t know how highly he would have gone in the draft though.

    • Jasono15

      Purdy was in a weighted lottery.

    • Jason

      I equate Arnoux’s situation with Taylor Twellman’s, as both signed (or will sign) with MLS after they were no longer college-eligible. There really is no reason why Twellman had to enter the draft, but Arnoux would somehow be immune.

  • Jason

    Arnoux would have been a top 5 pick in the 2010 Superdraft, so it makes sense that MLS is trying to be fair to the other MLS teams that would have had an opportunity to draft him. Had he signed during the season, he would have been a lottery pick, so, again, the league is trying to be fair to all the other teams. Vancouver tried to go around MLS with a USL/NASL loophole, and MLS isn’t taking kindly to it. I don’t blame MLS for sticking to their own rules, and Vancouver should either accept that or move on.

    And if Arnoux went in a lottery, DC would have the best odds, followed by CUSA, Houston, and Philly. Portalnd and Vancouver would have the worst odds due to being expansion teams.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is more of the typical MLS “eff you” to a player who skipped out on them to go to Europe. They sort of hate that.