2010 Expansion Draft List: Chicago Fire

2010 Expansion Draft List: Chicago Fire

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 4, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

Marco Pappa was one of the few bright spots in 2010 for the Chicago Fire. (Getty Images)

Boy these last couple days have been busy for me here and these Expansion Draft lists are taking longer than I expected to pump out. Anyways, I’ve wrapped up the Chicago Fire’s list today. So far I’ve gone through Chivas USAD.C. United, the Philadelphia Union, the Houston Dynamo, and the New England Revolution. For those curious about the expansion draft rules click here (there are some funky rules about international players and what not).

The Chicago Fire may have been one of the most under achieving clubs in all of MLS this season considering the additions they made during the season to beef up their roster. They’re an interesting bunch too going into the Expansion Draft as we don’t know if management there will indeed keep Carlos de los Cobos or not. I keep thinking they won’t be then again some have said he’s staying put at this point so who really knows right now. Also they have a few veterans retiring and a mix of cheap young players with high-priced players.

Below are the 11 I see getting protected. Having two DPs sure make this tough as I see both having to be protected here.

  1. Nery Castillo – DP status gets him protected unless he lacks a no-trade clause then maybe he’ll be left off? Ah I still believe he’ll be protected no matter what.
  2. Freddie Ljungberg – Same as Castillo but you have to protect him anyways. Question with him is will he stay in MLS?
  3. Wilman Conde – the club’s best defender, no need to leave him open.
  4. Patrick Nyarko – Young, speedy and one of their better midfielders
  5. Marco Pappa – Teams leading scorer in 2010. No way they get rid of Pappa
  6. Baggio Husidic – He should graduate from his GA status, when that happens he will be protected here.
  7. Logan Pause – Highly underrated midfielder; I believe the two expansion clubs would piss themselves to see him unprotected.
  8. Mike Banner – Another cheap yet quality player worth holding on to.
  9. Gonzalo Segares – He wasn’t protected last year but I have a hunch he will be this year.
  10. Kwame Watson-Siriboe – Young, very cheap and loaded with potential to be a stud in their defense.
  11. Dasan Robinson – A dirt-cheap defender who played loads of minutes. Plus he was protected last year.

Those left unprotected:

  • Calen Carr
  • Steven Kinney
  • Andrew Dykstra
  • Collins John
  • Peter Lowry
  • John Thorrington
  • Deris Umanzor
  • Krzystof Krol

Generation adidas/Home Grown Players protected:

  • Sean Johnson
  • Corben Bone
  • Victor Pineda

I decided not to even include C.J. Brown or Brian McBride in the mix here, both are retired and aren’t coming back to play next year. So for that reason the Fire’s unprotected list seems a bit shorter. They aren’t too easy to predict though but with guys that seem valuable over others. I went more defensive in my picks with them rather than offensive. Hense the reason why Carr, Lowry and Thorrington are left exposed.

If some how both Ljungberg and Castillo are okay to being left exposed then you could easily see Kinney, Carr, or Lowry move into the protected fields. I see Thorrington exposed due to his injury concerns and his slightly higher price tag.

  • Tim M.

    I agree with Kinney being protected, but not Thorrington. I don’t know how many years he was left on his contract, but being so injury prone with such a high paying contract, i wouldn’t bet on anyone taking him. Also, i think castillo’s loan has ended already.