More Issues In Chivas-Land

More Issues In Chivas-Land

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 3, 2010
  • Martin Vasquez

Shawn Hunter with Claudio Suarez. (Photo via Chivas USA)

Is it me or do things seem to be getting worse for Chivas USA? Well after Martin Vasquez was canned it seemed only natural that some change would happen but the news this morning that President and CEO Shawn Hunter stepping down makes it appear that things are going downhill more than we thought.

Hunter may have agreed to stay with the club in an advisory role but to me it shows this club could be moving in the wrong direction. Its not that Hunter was a genius behind the club that made the playoffs two of the three seasons that he was with them, no, its showing that they can’t even keep quality executives like him. Under Hunter the club became one of the first in league history to broadcast every match on television in both English and Spanish, attained a position as one of MLS’s top-sponsored teams, and also introduced a number of innovative grassroots initiatives including the Jerseys Off Our Backs program, the Kick-it at the Park youth clinics with the City of Los Angeles, and Chivas USA’s Practice in the Community Series.

That’s hard to replace folks. Very hard.

Hunter was trying to help the club establish some form of identity with the community and it was working a bit. Replacing that quality won’t be easy or something that will happen quickly. Chivas USA needs to move quickly though to not only replace him but find a new coach that can finally establish a brand there in LA.

I hate knocking a club like this but when they continue to go down the hill like this its hard to find quality things going on with them. Over the last couple years they’ve done better at exporting players (Kljestan, Guzan, Bornstein, etc.) than finding players that would fit their Mexican-ties.

This club is in serious need of a make-over on and off the field and maybe with the house clearing out it will actually happen. I’ve said before they need stability so why not find a way to start that now. We’ve seen what being stable with front office and coaching is doing in places like San Jose, Colorado and LA over the last couple years. Hell throw Dallas in that mix too for keeping their coach on board for more than a year.

I always believe it starts up top with teams and Chivas has to find that balance and stability. Its just too bad they had to see a guy like Hunter leave.

  • This team had “train wreck” written all over it from day one. They had the South Park Lawn Gnome plan for success. Mexican team in Los Angeles area, ????, profit. Forget about how they couldn’t possibly recreate what makes original flavor Chivas what it is within the confines of MLS. Forget about how maybe not every Latino in LA is Mexican and hey, maybe not every Mexican likes Chivas. Hm. You’re also dead on that it starts at the top. Anybody even seen Antonio Cue around since he had to dye his hair green after losing to the Galaxy? Anybody seen Jorge Vergara on this side of the border at all since he boasted his team could easily fill up Qualcomm Stadium back in ’04? They make Bob Kraft look hands-on. There’s no clear vision here at all. They need a serious, serious overhaul.