Audio: Garber Interview From Halftime of RSL-FCD

Audio: Garber Interview From Halftime of RSL-FCD

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 1, 2010
  • Audio, Don Garber

(Editor’s Note: Sorry for getting this up two days after the interview took place. It was a busy weekend for me!)

Don Garber was on hand over the weekend in Dallas for the first leg of the RSL-FCD playoff series. At halftime he spoke to the media in the press box on a number of issues going on. Below is his audio with some quote pulled out for your reading pleasure.

Garber on Single Table:

“Everything’s on the table.  Single-table is always on ‘the table.’  For us the issue with the single-table and having the champion of the league, in essence, be the team that wins the Supporters Shield is not something that will ever happen on my watch.  I believe in playoffs.  This is an exciting game and the gate is higher here than it would be in the regular season.  The game is more interesting playoff-concepts.  I know that is not what they do in the rest of the world.  They do it in some countries.  They do it in Mexico, for example.  I know you can have playoffs with the single table, but for our view conferences matter.  Conference champions matter.  Regional rivalries matter.  Conferences allow you to have more regional rivalries, essentially.  So that’s where our heads are at.”

Garber on current MLS Playoff structure:

“There is a better way to do it than we’ve done it this year.  We had bad luck, if you will, in terms of the way the season ended or ended up.  That was unusual.  It was really the first time we had it as confusing as it was this year and we need to fix that.  So we’re going to look at making it a bit more easy to understand throughout the year as opposed to having it posted on our website and even having people in the league office read it to understand what’s happening.”

We’ll have two more teams.  Maybe more, maybe less [in the playoffs].  Maybe a different playoff concept.  This whole idea of a tournament might make sense.  We look at everything.  Everyone should know that. We do that every year.  We come to a conclusion that it’s similar in the past.  I think we’re pushing the envelope a little bit more next year as we start getting to twenty teams, spreading across the country coast to coast.  It probably makes sense for us to think a little differently about competitive process.”