Toronto Looking To Hire Klinsmann?

Toronto Looking To Hire Klinsmann?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 29, 2010
  • Jurgen Klinsmann

I’ve always been told Toronto can be like a bizarro-world. I guess that is certainly the case with this news out of Toronto that TFC is set to hire Jurgen Klinsmann.

Oddly enough he won’t be hired as a GM or as a head coach but as a consultant. Here’s the blurb from The Globe and Mail article:

The former German national team player and coach will be given a free hand to rebuild an organization that has failed to make the playoffs during each of its four seasons of existence. This past year saw the firing of TFC’s original general manager Mo Johnston and his latest head coach, Preki, and a protest by the club’s supporters over both the poor calibre of play and ticket price increases for next season.

Though Klinsmann will not take on the role of general manager or coach himself, he will be asked to make a recommendation as to Johnston’s replacement.

But it is more than a simple head hunting assignment. Klinsmann and his company will look at the club’s infrastructure, at its academy and scouting system, will suggest a playing style, and then find someone to accomplish the goals they set out.

We know he’s been offered a job as the US coach twice now but I guess this role may suit him a bit more? Who knows. Toronto as we all know are in major need of a clean up and a turnaround and Klinsmann could be the perfect guy to do just that. In all reality they need a culture change there in house to get the club on a better path. Maybe this hire will work and maybe it won’t. It all comes down to who Klinsmann helps get as a coach.

Just an odd thought, wouldn’t it be weird if he helped get one of his former assistant coaches Martin Vasquez the TFC gig? Yes that would make two straight years of former Chivas USA coaches in Toronto. I’m only slightly joking about this because that would be a terrible hire.

  • reddevilyank

    Grant Wahl tweeted that Klinsmann career is over in Germany, so why would a German reject be allowed to oversee an entire team. Just another example of the Eurosnob mentality we had he across the Atlantic. If Klinsmann manages the team he would have my respect.

    • Kaiser

      German reject? Remember when German soccer was dubbed as dull and boring (thank you Berti Vogts)? Now it is seen as exciting, youthful, attack-minded soccer…they are one of the best international teams to watch these days. The man most responsible for that is Jurgen Klinsmann. He changed the mentality of German soccer for the better and brought in Low, who continued the German soccer rennaisance. Sure things didn’t work in Bayern, but that had more to do with disagreements with management and that they wouldn’t bring in his type of players or back him when players became upset (like when Podolski was dogging it and Klinsmann tired to get him to hustle). If some German fans can’t see that, it shouldn’t keep Americans and Canadians from seeing it.

      Bottom line…Klinsmann has a high soccer IQ, puts smart people in positions where they can succeed, and has worked in MLS and understands the unique challenges of North American soccer. Sounds like the perfect description of someone I want helping to build an MLS team.

  • ViperLAG

    And here I was hoping that I would wake up one day and here that the USSF board died in a plane crash and that Klinsmann would assume the role of revamping how USSF operates from top to bottom. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Klinsmann and his ideas on how a soccer organization should be run. His coach style aside, he knows what he is talking about, something that Dan Flynn, Sunil Gulati and the rest of the aristocracy / cronies / lackies on the USSF board don’t! If this is true, than Toronto FC’s gain and once again the USSF loss.

  • Anonymous

    Given that Vasquez is a Klinsmann guy, not entirely out of the realm of the possible…