2010 Expansion Draft List: New England Revolution

2010 Expansion Draft List: New England Revolution

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 29, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

Steve Nicol will look to protect 11 players for the upcoming expansion draft. (Getty Images)

Time to dive back into the expansion draft lists here. I’ve already covered D.C. United, Chivas USA and the Philadelphia Union. Today we’ll continue up the standings with the New England Revolution. (For more on the expansion draft rules go here)

The Revs’ 2010 season didn’t go nearly as planned. Injuries once again hurt this side as did a serious scoring threat. Steve Nicol did the best he could with a patch-work roster lead by Shalrie Joseph. Based on how this team has been over the years it was only a matter of time that they had a year where things didn’t go totally right. But with Nicol at the helm they’ll be fine as they are still a relatively young team with plenty of talent.

Looking at their roster however they will have some potential for some losses in this year’s expansion draft with two teams (Portland and Vancouver) picking. With some bigger contracts on the table we could see some big names left unprotected this time around from Nicol and company.

Below are the 11 I believe to be protected:

  1. Shalrie Joseph – You don’t give up a MVP candidate this easily. He’ll be protected for sure.
  2. Marko Perovic – One of their only scorers down the stretch. He lead the team in goals with six in 2010.
  3. Zach Schilawski – Second in goals on the team with five (three came early in the year in a hat trick game). He’s got too much potential to leave open.
  4. Kevin Alston – Quality defenders are tough to come by and he’s one of the better ones in the league when healthy.
  5. Darrius Barnes – Same as Alston.
  6. Kenny Mansally – An international they’ll protect. Mansally can be deadly at times but can also be totally off at other times.
  7. Sainey Nyassi – His speed would be really hard to replace, plus he’s an international.
  8. Emmanuel Osei – Again, he’s a decent defender that you can’t give up easily in this draft.
  9. Pat Phelan – Defensive-mid would be a steal for Portland or Vancouver. He’s young and still has potential to reach.
  10. Cory Gibbs – Leader in the back, would be tough to replace.
  11. Kheli Dube – He’s been protected each of the last two years, I kind of think he’s the last one on the list to get protected this season.

Player to be unprotected:

  • Matt Reis
  • Zak Boggs
  • Taylor Twellman
  • Chris Tierney
  • Ilija Stolica
  • Preston Burpo
  • Seth Sinovic
  • Bobby Shuttlesworth
  • Jason Griffiths
  • Khano Smith
  • Tim Murray
  • Nico Colaluca
  • Roberto Linck

I put both Reis and Twellman on the unprotected side for a couple reasons. Age for Reis and big contract for Twellman. They have a couple others on the unprotected side with fairly high contracts as well with both Sinovic and Stolica making decent coin.

Since the Revs have no homegrown or Generation adidas players that will be left out of this draft I think they’ll have to protect their younger players more so than some higher priced guys. Its a risk worth taking really as some of those higher priced guys can be replaced.

Some may not like seeing Twellman’s name out there unprotected but based on his last two seasons can we really expect him to be coming back for another year? I’d love to see it happen but I’m not hold my breath that he will.

If I’m Portland or Vancouver I’d take a chance on someone like Nico Colaluca or maybe even get a backup keeper out of Shuttlesworth or even the injured Burpo (who is recovering pretty well from what I’ve heard). New England has four keeper son their roster right now and none are really worth protecting over someone else right now.

  • They’ll never leave Stolica or Tierney unprotected, and I think Nicol is high on Griffiths and/or Sinovic. Osei, Phelan, and Dube will almost certainly be left unprotected. Possibly Mansally as well, despite improved performances toward the end of the season.

  • Ben

    No way in Hell portland takes that bastard Burpo. “Hey, Burpo! Leave those kids alone!”

  • Mike

    Sinovic makes minimum…

  • Anonymous

    Osei is awful. Complete trainwreck and foul machine. I can’t see him being protected. I think Sinovic, who is a rookie on minimum salary with potential, getting protected.

  • Anonymous

    Osei is awful. Complete trainwreck and foul machine. I can’t see him being protected. I think Sinovic, who is a rookie on minimum salary with potential, getting protected.