Chivas USA Let Vasquez Go

Chivas USA Let Vasquez Go

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 27, 2010
  • Martin Vasquez

Some pink slip news for this evening.

According to ESPN Los Angeles, Chivas USA is set to dismiss head coach Martin Vasquez after one season as the club’s manager. Vasquez guided Chivas to an 8-18-4 mark and last place in the Western Conference.

Oddly enough the move comes shortly after reports of him getting a vote of confidence from the club.

But let’s be real honest about Chivas USA here. The talent on the roster isn’t great and Vasquez really didn’t shock too many people with how his team played once the season got going. Seeing how the club did very little to improve the roster other than picking up a couple quality rookies in the SuperDraft and signing yet again more international players that amounted to little or nothing.

Chivas USA lacks an┬áidentity┬áright now both on and off the field. The club isn’t stable and quite honestly isn’t drawing in big enough talent to do enough in the western conference. Vasquez did what he could with the little he had to work with. There is a nice young group of players there but until the club figures out how to bring in the right international players or does a better job in the trade department within the league this club will probably continue to be a bottom feeder in the west.

Should Vasquez have been fired? Probably so, I heard rumblings of this a couple months ago and have had him on my Coaching Hot Seat list since June. But again, Chivas needs some identity here and a new face at manager could do just that but then again this club is slowly looking more like how New York was ran all those years with the many coaching changes.

  • reddevilyank

    Firing Vasquez isn’t going to solve Chivas woes. He should at least give him one more year.

    • Kaiser

      I agree. That team needs some more talent. Think Vasquez’s system isn’t bad, but he needed better players. One more year would have been better. Instead they will probably bring in Steve Sampson.