2010 Expansion Draft List: Philadelphia Union

2010 Expansion Draft List: Philadelphia Union

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 26, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

Philly fans will be curious to see who their team protects in next month's expansion draft. (Getty Images)

The expansion torch will be passed on next month at the 2010 Expansion Draft. The Philadelphia Union were the expansion sons of 2010 but now they will be having to protect 11 of their own just like everyone else in Major League Soccer. (For more on theĀ expansion draft rules go here)

Yesterday I took a look at Chivas USA and last week we discussed D.C. United.

The Union surprised a few last year with their expansion draft picks but did come away with the biggest steal of them all in Sebastien Le Toux who had an MVP-type season in 2010. There’s no doubt that Philly has a young and exciting roster that may have finished second to last in the eastern conference but Peter Nowak has the foundation of a future winner in Chester.

The biggest decisions will come down for Philly when we hear if Danny Mwanga graduates out of the Generation adidas program. Based on his playing time this season its possible he will graduate but for today’s sake we’ll assume he’s getting one more year in the program. The other GAs on their roster didn’t play nearly enough this season to make any case for graduating from the program.

Below are the 11 I believe to be protected:

  1. Sebastien Le Toux – I shouldn’t have to explain it but maybe his stats will: 14 goals, 11 assists.
  2. Jordan Harvey – Most minutes of anyone on the team this year believe it or not.
  3. Michael Orozco Fiscal – Got better as the season went on.
  4. Fred – One of the veteran leaders of the team, no need to leave him unprotected.
  5. Roger Torres – One of the three internationals that have to be protected. Plus the kid showed a lot this past season.
  6. Eduardo Coudet – Same as Torres, one of the internationals they’ll have to protect.
  7. Juan Diego Gonzalez- Same as Torres and Coudet.
  8. Justin Mapp – The move to Philly got his career back on track in my opinion.
  9. Danny Califf – A leader in the back, even if he is a bit reckless at times.
  10. Alejandro Moreno – Leader up top, did well with Le Toux all season long I believe.
  11. Chris Seitz – Didn’t play great in his first real year as a starter but Nowak will likely stick with him.

Player to be unprotected:

  • Brad Knighton
  • Cristian Arrieta
  • Stefani Miglioranzi
  • Andrew Jacobson
  • Kyle Nakazawa
  • J.T. Noone
  • Shea Salinas
  • Toni Stahl
  • Nick Zimmerman
  • Sheanon Williams

Generation adidas/Homegrown Talent exempt players:

  • Danny Mwanga
  • Jack McInerney
  • Amobi Okugo

Again a lot comes down to if Mwanga graduates for them. Still this was a rough team to gage here. You could make a case for Jacobson, Williams and even Zimmerman or Salinas to be protected over someone like Harvey or even a more expensive player like Califf or Fred. Then there was Seitz vs Knighton again. I like both but Seitz still has more potential in goal for them.

At the end of the day I looked and felt Harvey made more sense for them going forward over Zimmerman and Salinas. You could swap Jacobson for Fred and Williams for Califf if you’d like. There’s really no wrong reason to do so. I have Fred and Califf in the protected zone because they’d be harder to replace than a Williams or a Jacobson at this point. Some Philly fans could see that differently though.

This could be a club I come back to down the road and revisit.

  • MikeRSoccer

    Are you high or just stupid? Coudet is 36, Williams is our starting right back, Harvey was horrible this year, Salinas and Jacobson are two of our best young talents, one of which is a starter, Gonzalez is 32 and we already have two center backs in protection, Moreno is old, and danny mwanga is likely to lose his GA status this year because of the amount he played. This is an absolutely horrible analysis. PHILADELPHIA FANS IGNORE THIS ARTICLE.

  • MikeRSoccer

    This is terrible. Absolutely terrible. If you are from Philadelphia ignore this man. This is not the official list and he has no idea what he is talking about. Coudet is 36, you are saying that we should protect three center backs and not our starting right back in williams or our most explosive player on the team in Salinas. You say we should protect the worst player on our defense in Harvey instead. Wow you should not be writing about the Union. Absolutely horrific analysis.

    • Mike, I don’t mean to be rude but do yourself a favor and read the expansion draft rules (they are linked above). Coudet and Gonzalez are protected because they have to be due to their international status. You have to protect a certain number of international players. If that wasn’t the case I’d have Williams or Salinas or Jacobson on here easily. These are just predictions anyways for fun.

      • Eric

        I read somewhere else that Fred counts as an international player. If that’s the case, Coudet should be dropped from the list for Salinas. Also, I don’t think Moreno and Seitz should be on it either. Jacobson and Williams should be protected instead. And if the Union are smart they’ll either cut or trade Coudet and Gonzalez, freeing up those spaces for players such as Nakazawa. If they do that, I would have Salinas, Jacobson, Williams, and Nakazawa protected instead of Seitz, Coudet, Moreno, and Gonzalez. Otherwise I like your list.

  • UnionFAN

    Agree with all except Fred and Moreno both are old and expensive. 280k for 4 goals and 160k for 18 shots from a forward. There is no way anyone takes either one. Might leave seitz unprotected for that same reason. I would fill these spots in with Williams (20 yr old starting right back) and Jacobson (cheap young and talented). If seitz isn’t protected I would protect salinas or nakazawa in his place. I would be very suprised if anyone took Seitz, Moreno or Fred if they were left unprotected though i could see someone taking seitz just because of his age. Then once someone takes one of our goalies we protect the other. that way nowak doesn’t have to choose the future goalie :p I could even see califf being left unprotected if it weren’t for him being captain. But seriously would anyone take califf OLD slow expensive but still a good defender….oh last maybe comment might protect stahl over chacho b/c he is cheaper and there is NOO way coudet is taken.

  • Kevin Kinkead

    Union will protect Sheanon Williams since he’s a young guy, brought up from Harrisburg.

    Fred and Moreno, not sure. They are both older and their salaries are a bit higher, so teams might avoid them even if left unprotected. It’s a gamble.

    Harvey did log the most minutes and most games played. But it’s hard to guess how much of that was due to having no other true left back on the team.

    They’ll probably put Arrieta on the protected list. I don’t think he has a green card. Coudet would be unprotected, but likely wouldn’t be selected.

  • RT

    I have to say, the Union would be absolutely nuts to protect Seitz. I think we will go a different route altogether and either draft or acquire a new goalkeeper. I go back and forth when it comes to Califf. He can come out one game and play amazing but then turn around and do such stupid things. He is the poster boy for our defense. Generally ok, with times of complete letdown. Moreno is old, expensive, and has shown that the only thing he is still good for is drawing free kicks in the offensive area. Even in that department though, his acting has gotten worse with age and he goes down way too easily. I think we will protect him but I don’t think we should.

    • RT

      and not to mention that portland already signed a goalkeeper. I think that ours are definitely safe.

  • Churchface

    I know Seitz is young but i don’t think he’ll ever have what it takes to be a good gk in MLS or anywhere else. He is slow off his line, takes horrible angles, and has bad hands which are not good qualities for a gk obviously. I think they should protect Fred. He is expensive but i thought he played great this season. They will def protect Mapp too i think.

  • AD22

    I agree with the 3 internationals on the list, unless of course the team releases any one of them between now and November 22nd …

    I think the team has put a lot of faith into Seitz as the #1, especially when they brought his college goalkeeping coach into their technical staff to work with him, so I can see them having CS1 on the protected list. If Knighton is snagged by Portland or Vancouver, there’s plenty of time to sign someone to the roster before preseason begins.

    Williams and Salinas are tough ones to potentially leave exposed. Salinas – as I’ve read elsewhere – has the potential to be next season’s Le Toux … exposed in the expansion draft, and completely lights it up next season. I don’t want to see Nowak and Co. doing the same collective facepalm as Sigi the Whale and his gang. Just because Harvey logged the most minutes doesn’t necessarily mean he’s invaluable to the team. For that matter, Williams has locked-down the RB position, and I think it would be a disaster to have him depart for Northwestern pastures.