2010 Expansion Draft List: Chivas USA

2010 Expansion Draft List: Chivas USA

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 25, 2010
  • 2010 Expansion Draft

Jorge Flores (right) could be left unprotected for Chivas USA. (Getty Images)

It’s time to go back into the expansion draft talk. Last week we looked over D.C. United and their roster and today we’ll shift focus out west with Chivas USA. Both Portland and Vancouver will be selecting 10 players each from the current rosters next month after MLS Cup. Each MLS club will protect 11 players and will be able to protect an additional player once one player has been taken from their unprotected list. (For more on theĀ expansion draft rules go here)

Chivas USA was the last place team in the western conference, second to last in the overall standings. It was a rough year up and down the pitch for the AmeriGoats. First they lost Sacha Kljestan to Europe and then later on they found out Jonathan Bornstein would be leaving at the end of the year to go to Mexico. I’ll give a full recap of their 2010 campaign later on but for the expansion draft things may not be so cut and dry considering the amount of internationals that they have on their roster.

I think Bornstein will likely be left unprotected but even though he’s headed to Mexico it wouldn’t be a bad idea for one of the two expansion clubs to take a chance with taking him. You never know he could end up back in MLS after a bad season down south. Then again with the new CBA I’m not sure how the player right’s thing goes for a situation like that.

Below are the 11 I believe will be left protected:

1. Justin Braun – Easiest pick of the bunch. He matured as a player this past year and was really their MVP.

2. Pablo Nagamura – One of their internationals that they’ll protect.

3. Sal Zizzo – He’s young, quality player who’d be super cheap for an expansion team.

4. Blair Gavin – Another young player worth holding on to, if he were unprotected you would expect one of the two to jump all over having a guy like him in their midfield.

5. Michael Lahoud – Same as Gavin.

6. Jesus Padilla – I’m curious to see if he stays with Chivas or if he goes back to Mexico anytime soon. Either way he’s protected.

7. Ben Zemanski – Same as Gavin and Lahoud.

8. Michael Umana – Their best defender and one of the few internationals to keep.

9. Giancarlo Maldonado – Third and final international to protect. He showed quality at times since joining the club mid-season.

10. Alan Gordon – Had three assists since coming over from LA. Oddly enough that was good enough to be tied for the team lead.

11. Dario Delgado – Tough call here between him and a couple others but he played in 21 games this year and I always tend to lean towards protecting defense when you can in these situations.

Players that could be unprotected include:

  • Carlos Borja
  • Jonathan Bornstein
  • Zach Thornton
  • Chukwudi Chijindu
  • Maykel Galindo
  • Yamith Cuesta
  • Rodolfo Espinoza
  • Jorge Flores
  • Ante Jazic
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Eduardo Lillingston
  • Gerson Mayen
  • Osael Romero
  • Marcelo Saragosa
  • Mariano Trujillo
  • Alex Zotinca

Guys who will be exempt from this due to GA contracts or homegrown talent status:

  • Bryan de la Fuente
  • Cesar Zamora

Chivas is always unpredictable due to the lack of coverage and because of the amount of internationals that they carry each season. I think however this year its a little more cut and dry with them. They have some solid young players in need of protecting and there is really only a couple internationals worth protecting.

You could make a case for protecting Thornton over someone like Gordon but for it I highly doubt either Vancouver or Portland will take a chance on a 37 or 38 year old keeper. Just sayin’.

Again Chivas is never easy to predict here but then again if I’m one of the two expansion teams I’m not jumping up for joy seeing the list of unprotected from this club. No one really jumps out as a must-have at this point for me.

  • Boris

    I think Gavin is GA player and doesn’t need to be protected

    • He is but I believe he played in enough games this past season that he’ll likely be graduated out of the program. Just a hunch, but if not then yes he won’t need to be protected.