MLS MatchDay 2010 App Review

MLS MatchDay 2010 App Review

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 21, 2010
  • MLS MatchDay 2010 App

Today was finally the day MLS went truly mobile with the launch of their first App on the iPhone. MLS MatchDay 2010 offers plenty of cool features and a couple of bugs. There is definitely a lot of potential in this first version of the App however. You can tell that whoever developed this thing did know a thing or two about what they were doing.

The App is packed with features that are team specific and broad items around the league. When the App launches for the first time  you select your favorite team with each team’s Supporter’s chanting in the background. Definitely a cool touch to hear the various chants for each team. Some folks won’t like it but there is an option to turn off the chants in the App’s option menu.

The one downfall right now in the App is the video playing shows up in portrait mode instead of flipping you over to landscape like nearly all the video players on the iPhone. Definitely a bug they need to sort out right away or there will be some angry folks. The fact that the App doesn’t even allow you to flip over to landscape mode for the video tells you something is wrong with it.

(Update: restarting the phone will fix this issue!!)

Overall the App is packed with features that are very nice and the low-low price of free makes it worth having even for the most casual soccer fan. Being able to access highlights easier than online for some (that Silverlight player is awful btw) is a real draw. I can honestly say I’ll probably use this App more than their website for viewing highlights now.

If you have an iPhone and are a MLS fan this is a definite must-have. As for other mobile phone users your App will come soon enough as they league has promised an Android app for early next year.

  • If you restart your phone it should fix the video in portrait issue

  • Anonymous

    The biggest downside to this is that I’ve got to wait for it to hit the Android market. Otherwise, it sounds like a great app.

    • Yeah it is a great app…honestly once it hits the iPad later this fall I’ll probably hardly ever use their website again to view content.

  • Anonymous

    Any word on when or if the league will have it for Blackberry’s Drew?

  • This is what could have looked like had they taken their time. Also I would suggest adding stadium information for visitors and other soccer information about the area.