WVH Power Rankings: Week 29

WVH Power Rankings: Week 29

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 19, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 29, MLS Power Rankings

In what will likely be the final week of this year’s WVH Power Rankings, Real Salt Lake continues to regain over the top of the standings. A few changes took place this week but overall its been the same for a few weeks now.

We’ll see you all next season with new Power Rankings.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 15-4-10 55 pts. If this past Saturday is any indication, this RSL team should have no problem retaining their MLS Cup title.
2 (2) 12-3-14 50 pts. We knew the unbeaten run would eventually end but going from late May until mid-October unbeaten is pretty damn impressive. The biggest thing though is getting Kevin Hartman back and healthy.
3 (5) 14-9-6 48 pts. The league’s hottest team continues roll. Looks like a first round meeting with LA, a team that has had their number all year.
4 (3) 17-7-5 56 pts. Colorado showed yet again how to beat LA, use speed and pressure up front against them. LA has to find ways to slow teams down or else their good season will go for nothing.
5 (4) 14-9-6 48 pts. Philadelphia made them just look normal for a change. A potential playoff series with San Jose could present them with plenty of problems.
6 (8) 12-8-9 45 pts. Colorado regained their impressive offensive power against LA. Perfect time to get things back on track before the playoffs.
7 (7) 13-8-8 47 pts. Will Hesmer’s goal may have saved the Crew here late in the year as they head into the playoffs.
8 (6) 12-8-7 43 pts. Only team left to clinch a spot is the Rapids, just a point is needed to do so in two games against LA and RSL. We’ve seen teams collapse before here late in the year, will the Rapids find a way to do that?
9 (10) 8-14-7 31 pts. No playoffs for Peter Nowak’s side but I’m pretty sure this was a successful first season for the Union.
10 (9) 10-13-6 36 pts. I know they failed to reach the post season again but I don’t think anyone outside of KC expected them to have a 10-win season this year.
11 (11) 8-12-9 33 pts. Classy move to see Brian McBride taken off in his final home game with a couple minutes left. Just too bad his final game wasn’t a playoff match.
12 (12) 8-16-4 28 pts. Just like we’ve seen all year one bad half overshadows a good half.
13 (14) 9-15-5 32 pts. The Revs have shown that they still can do a lot with a little in the past few weeks.
14 (15) 8-15-6 30 pts. Houston looked up to their old tricks against San Jose last weekend but the facts don’t lie this season has been anything but good for Dominic Kinnear.
15 (13) 8-13-8 31 pts. Giving up a goal to a keeper at home will hurt for a while but this team will rebound from it.
16 (16) 6-19-4 22 pts. A rare road point in Chicago for United. Nothing too impressive about it though.