Portland Set To Sign First MLS Player

Portland Set To Sign First MLS Player

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 19, 2010
  • Bright Dike, Steve Cronin

The Portland Timbers are expected to announce their first MLS signings today. Head Coach John Spencer and Technical Director Gavin Wilkinson will make the announcement later today.

At this point its anyone’s guess who their first signings will be. More than likely they will be players off their D-2 roster. Its also unknown how many players they’ll take from their D-2 roster into MLS and how many they’ll announce today. If they follow the Seattle model of a couple years ago it will likely only be a few. I’d imagine they’ll also be sure to sign a player via the allocation system as soon as they’re able to as well.

My guesses for today’s announcement are based on their D-2 roster as there have been no indication of any big signings for this club going into today.

1. Ryan Pore – He lead the club in scoring this past season. The former Kansas City Wizard really came into his own this year for the Timbers. In two years with the Timbers he’s scored 25 goals. Not too shabby if you ask me.

2. Steve Cronin – Another former MLS keeper likely seems like a lock to me. There’s some that believe he could have been in MLS these last couple years but I believe his time in Portland has really served him well as he’s grown into a very good keeper.

3. Khalif Alhassan – The 20-year old has been really strong for the Timbers this past season. A lot of potential in this kid from the few games that I saw this season. He could be a stud in MLS.

4. Bright Dike – The former Columbus Crew player draftee could find his way in MLS with Portland. He was easily their best player in the second half of the season. He probably made Crew fans wonder why they released him.

To see a better list of who has potential to move up with the club into MLS head over to Dropping Timber. They’ve had a good list of guys that could make the move or could be in danger of not seeing a MLS contract.

We’ll have more later today on this signing, as well as some other expansion related topics.

  • psu2dcu

    I think you can overestimate these players values. Remember they were MLS castaways for a reason. And if anything MLS has improved signifiantly in the last couple of years.

    • Castaways or not, look at who Seattle brought in when they entered the league. Le Toux didn’t cut it in a tryout in Dallas a few years back and look at him now. Crazy things can happen for guys who go down a peg and get quality minutes and then get brought back up to MLS.

  • ViperLAG

    I hope Steve Cronin gets the opportunity to play in the MLS again. I was a big supporter of his during his brief time with the LA Galaxy. Sadly, he played during the time the Galaxy was quite pathetic and had a porous defense. Put a quality defense in front of him, to which the Timbers have now and he will reward you with some quality keeping.


    Cronin may not be MLS quality. He is a tweener. One of the best there is in USSF D2, but probably low end MLS. I love the guy, happy to have him as our keeper or backup keeper, but he is probably not the long term solution.

    Pore, probably the same. Golden boot winner this year at USSF D2 and probably a serviceable MLS player but certainly not going to light the MLS world on fire.

    Dike. Still young, raw / poor man’s Jozy Altidore with a big body that he uses well to make space with. Can certainly score. Both he and Jozy need to learn how to set themselves up better rather than trying to do it all unassisted though.

    Johnson. Honestly don’t know. He lit up USSF2 this season, was second in scoring. His goals came during the run of play (unlike Pore who was the designated PK taker so really Johnson is the better scorer).

    Alhassan – Yes, sign him. The guy is very skilled and was a complete unknown until we brought him in late season. Will make a good attacking mid and even if not ready to be a MLS starter in March, he is 20 and certainly looks like a guy with the skills to become a star.