MLS Week 29 Recap: Playoffs Set…Well Sorta

MLS Week 29 Recap: Playoffs Set…Well Sorta

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 18, 2010
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Colorado showed how to beat LA once again. (Getty Images)

We know who are in and who are out, that is really all we know after week 29. Kansas City failed to win in New England which immediately gave the Colorado Rapids a nudge into the playoffs for good, though their performance at the Home Depot Center showed it really didn’t matter in the end.

Eight teams are in while eight teams are now really left with just a game to play (or two if you’re Chivas USA). For those clubs its all about setting your rosters up for the next year and planning for the upcoming drafts, both Expansion and SuperDraft. As we saw this past week the clubs on the bottom sure made the most of spoiling the fun for the clubs near the top.

Two In The East, Six In The West

We’ve known about this for a while now, six teams from the western conference made the playoffs this year while only the top two from the east were able to join in on the fun. Since the league changed their playoff format to include wildcards we’ve seen this sort of thing happen were one conference dominates the other but not like this. The west has owned the east nearly all season and will likely set up an all western conference final yet again this season.

Only Columbus and New York can do anything about that. The Crew haven’t looked great in about a month in league play while New York just dropped a game to the expansion team from Philadelphia. I think the Red Bulls are clearly the better eastern conference team at this point but if things remain the same after this coming weekend we’ll see them paired up with San Jose in the playoffs. A matchup that could cause problems for them.

The Crew on the other hand will likely end up facing the Colorado Rapids. I honestly believe that could very well be the most interesting match-up in the playoffs. Yes even more so than the potential LA-Seattle or RSL-Dallas ones. Something about two struggling teams facing one another in the playoffs seems interesting. Not to say this series will be better to watch than those two western conference ones but a Columbus-Colorado series should allow one of the two involved to get some momentum and make a run.

A Lot Could Change

This final week coming up will and can change those potential playoff series. RSL is within a point of LA for the Supporter’s Shield trophy and for that top spot in the west. Flip-flopping with LA would mean the Galaxy would get Dallas and Seattle would go to RSL. Either way those will be two crazy good series.

Columbus could sneak on top of New York in the east this week while San Jose has the chance to move up to fifth with two wins in their final two games. If they were to leap over Seattle the Sounders would end up with New York or Columbus. Honestly Seattle isn’t a team either of those want to face right now.

To put it more simply: a lot could change by the end of this week.

Hesmer’s Goal

If things weren’t bad enough in Toronto, they then get scored on by their rival’s keeper. Yes, Will Hesmer scored a last second goal against Toronto on Saturday. It was really one of those things that you had to see to believe. I missed it live but saw that he scored on my phone later that day and thought it was a typo. Sure enough it wasn’t as Hesmer snuck in on a corner kick to score his first career goal.

I know the Crew have been down a bit lately but that could very well be the thing that lifts them back into MLS Cup contention here. Sometimes a wacky goal like that does a lot more than just put a number on the scoreboard for a team.

For Real In Salt Lake

We knew the FC Dallas unbeaten run had to end eventually and that it would likely end in Salt Lake. One thing is certain RSL looks like a team that is destined to repeat as MLS Cup champion this year. Just something about their play on Saturday made me realize it, not that I haven’t noticed it before.

The one thing I do wonder is if they’ll end up with the Supporter’s Shield or not this season. With only one point between them and the Galaxy it is all to play for this weekend.

50 Or More

Hard to believe last year, yes just last year, that the Columbus Crew were the Supporter’s Shield winner with only 49 points. This year we have a chance to see six clubs break the 50 point barrier. LA, RSL and Dallas are already at 50+ while New York, Columbus and Seattle can all join the club.


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  • Oct 18 2010
Since we are on a balanced schedule, it doesn't really make much sense to award any playoff spots on a conference basis. In the other sports in this country it makes sense because you play more games against the teams in your conference. I wish they would just give the spots to the top 8 teams and seed them accordingly. This year the top 8 teams in the table are in, but the seedings will be off what they would be otherwise.