LA Stadium With World Cup In Mind

LA Stadium With World Cup In Mind

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 12, 2010
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Sure Los Angeles doesn’t have a NFL team to fill this potential venue (yet, I always believe someone will move there again) but the designers of this stadium in east LA have one big thing in mind, the World Cup.

Not to shabby looking either if you ask me.

The LA Galaxy owners AEG¬†Majestic Realty Co.¬†are the ones planning to build this stadium to lure a NFL team and the World Cup. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that this venue could be used for some big Galaxy games down the road or even a MLS Cup too.

Check out the full AP article for more.

  • reddevilyank

    It will be build and either the Minnesota Vikings or Jacksonville Jaguars will move there.

  • ViperLAG

    Drew, nice posting of this article, however, you are incorrect in your thinking that AEG is behind this stadium. This stadium design is done by Architects for Majestic Realty Co. who is partnered with John Semcken and billionaire developer Ed Roski – who is trying to get a NFL franchise to relocate to Los Angeles, which reddevilyank is correct in that two possible teams would be Minnesota Vikings (whom are seeking a new stadium of their own) and the Jacksonville Jaguars. They recently posted that they are tweaking their current stadium design (they have their own website… to incorporate field dimensions to possibly host the World Cup as an alternative to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena or the LA Coliseum in downtown LA. This stadium would be located in the City of Industry which is about 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

    AEG, who build the Home Depot Center (Galaxy & Chivas USA home) and owners of the LA Galaxy are in competition with Majestic / Ed Roski to have an alternative proposal to build a football stadium somewhere in downtown LA. However, that will be tough as the LA City Council have always rejected a building of a new stadium in downtown since they have always been supporters of the LA Coliseum and renovating that stadium before a new one is ever built.

    Good to see that a World Cup bid & the true sport of football (soccer) can get the wheels turning for something of this calibur.

    • Ah, you’re totally right about that. I mis-read the part about AEG. Thanks for pointing that out.