Is It Comeback or Breakout?

Is It Comeback or Breakout?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 8, 2010
  • Comeback Player of the Year, Edson Buddle, Sebastien Le Toux

Buddle's 16 goals lead the league this season. (Getty Images)

I’ve always had a slight issue with one post season award that Major League Soccer hands out. The Comeback Player of the Year.

In some years the CPY is truly someone that had a great year after coming back from a big injury. Look no further to 2008’s CPY Kenny Cooper. It was a no brainer to pick Coop after his horrific injury in 2007. The following year he came back 18 goals, that my friends is a comeback. Same can be said about 2005’s winner Chris Klein who came back from an ACL injury.

In other years like this one it seems like the award will likely go to a guy that is simply having a monster year after not having one in the previous year.

I bring this up today because of what is on the MLS Insider blog this morning about Edson Buddle and Sebastien Le Toux. Both are in the running for this year’s CPY. But to me it seems like both are having more of a breakout season than a comeback. The Insider is dubbing the award as something you get when you come back from a dreadful season. I get that. But it always seems like we hype up a guy for this award when they have a breakout season instead of a true comeback season.

Maybe I misread something or just am not getting my facts straight about this award or maybe it is truly time for MLS to bring on yet another award, the Breakout Player of the Year.  What do you all think, is Le Toux and Buddle’s performances this season more Breakout than Comeback? Let’s hear it.