WVH Power Rankings: Week 27

WVH Power Rankings: Week 27

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 5, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 27, MLS Power Rankings

The playoffs have five clubs in with three spots remaining and at this point we pretty much know who those other three will be unless Kansas City can crash the party. The same thing is happening in the power rankings here as the top eight remain largely the same this week while one club managed to dropĀ despiteĀ a big home win last Wednesday.

The top four remained the same this week as all top four clubs won their games. None probably looked better than FC Dallas but I still have trouble seeing them as the top club in the league in these rankings. A lot has to do with those 12 draws I believe.

Anyways, below are the rankings for this week. I’ll probably have some updates for the Supporter’s Shield race later today on here.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 14-4-9 51 pts. Again, not the prettiest of play on the road but Jason Kreis and his bunch still find ways to remain in the Supporter’s Shield race.
2 (2) 12-2-13 49 pts. Two big records tied against their Brimstone Cup rivals last Saturday, the league’s unbeaten run at 18 games and Jeff Cunningham tying Jamie Moreno for the all-time scoring mark.
3 (3) 14-8-5 46 pts. Finally took over first place with the win over KC. How long can they keep it up will be the question with RSL coming into town. Missing the hot foot of Dane Richards won’t help, neither will missing Bouna Coundoul (both were called up for international duty).
4 (4) 16-6-5 53 pts. Hard to keep the Galaxy here but I still worry about their midfield play against better clubs. Still seeing David Beckham and Edson Buddle score shows some good signs for this club as the playoffs near.
5 (6) 12-9-6 42 pts. Made it look easy at times against Toronto now they hope to claim their second straight US Open Cup tonight against Columbus.
6 (7) 13-7-7 46 pts. Not exactly setting the world on fire here but a win in Seattle tonight in the USOC will certainly get this club back on track.
7 (8) 11-8-7 40 pts. Rough week only kept them over Colorado because of the quality road draw in Columbus. Jon Busch kept San Jose from having what could have been their worst week of the year after the 3-0 beaten at home to the Fire.
8 (5) 11-8-8 41 pts. Rapids fans won’t like the big drop even though they got a win this past week, I just have trouble keeping them up due to the big slip at home against D.C. on Saturday.
9 (9) 9-11-6 33 pts. Their hopes come down to one game this Saturday against Seattle. Win and their chances remain in tact, lose and you can pretty much kiss the season good-bye.
10 (10) 7-13-7 28 pts. An ugly road loss in Chicago was slightly made up for by the home draw to Houston. I mainly am keeping them up for due to that Goal of the Year candidate from Sebastien Le Toux.
11 (12) 7-11-8 29 pts. The 3-0 win in San Jose showed they have the ability to do some nice things but getting spanked in Dallas showed they just aren’t where they should be right now as a club.
12 (11) 8-12-7 31 pts. I wonder how long it will take for Toronto to start re-working their roster after the season is over here.
13 (13) 7-15-4 25 pts. The season is finally dead for Chivas USA, my next wonder is if they keep Martin Vasquez or not after the year is out.
14 (14) 7-15-5 26 pts. So their upper management said they’d actually spend money on this club next year with maybe even as many as two DPs. I’ll believe it when I see it.
15 (15) 7-14-6 27 pts. Again, another club I’m curious about for the end of the month. Just exactly how much housekeeping will Dominic Kinnear really do with this roster?
16 (16) 6-18-3 21 pts. If anyone can actually enjoy the spoiler role this year it will have to be Ben Olsen’s bunch.