Cosmos Get Kit Deal

Cosmos Get Kit Deal

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 30, 2010
  • New York Cosmos

I’ll admit, I had a little chuckle when I saw the press release this morning in my inbox about the New York Cosmos signing a “worldwide kit deal” with Umbro. For one the Cosmos are just an idea and not an actual club at the moment, and two what the hell is a worldwide kit deal anyways?

In all seriousness the kits look solid and will be available to buy later this year in time for the holidays.¬†You’ll be able to read more about the kit and an interview with Pele himself in the November issue of of FourFourTwo.

I don’t know why the Cosmos would sign a deal with a company that doesn’t do the MLS kits if they are trying to get in to MLS down the road though. That may be the one aspect of this deal that makes the least sense though I know there will be plenty of folks that say this morning that MLS clubs should be able to pick which jersey maker does their kits.

What do you think of this though? Want one of these jerseys?

  • It’s a way to raise funds and create awareness. I doubt Adidas would sign a kit deal with a team that’s not in the MLS. They have an exclusive deal with the MLS which includes all the teams. Signing a deal with a deal with an individual team would set a bad precedent for them. Umbro has been a presence on the cosmos site for a while. As the Cosmos group pushes for the 2nd NY franchise it’s important they show they can generate interest and sponsors. The Academies and kit show a real intention to make the MLS team a reality.

  • Aside from Umbro v Adidas or the Cosmos being in the MLS. . . the kits are uninspired at best.