FCD’s Get In And Win Should Be A Success

FCD’s Get In And Win Should Be A Success

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 29, 2010
  • Doug Quinn

With each passing game new FC Dallas CEO Doug Quinn does something I wish more clubs would take on. He challenges the other club’s front office in a friendly wager for season tickets for local charities. So far as you’re probably aware Dallas is doing pretty well in getting season tickets for it’s local organizations.

Quinn first pledged four 2011 season tickets to the Frisco Miracle League, courtesy of Chivas USA President Shawn Hunter. The two wagered the charitable donation on the outcome of the Aug. 21 match between their two sides, which saw Dallas win 1-0. FCD continued its hot-streak by breaking the all-time MLS record for a road unbeaten streak with a draw in Columbus on Aug. 28. Following the match, Quinn donated four 2011 season tickets to Lift Up America. Quinn then sent the Dallas branch of Dress for Success two 2011 season tickets as FC Dallas defeated Toronto FC 1-0 on Sept. 4.

Quinn’s “Get In and Win” Challenge is a smart one. Not only does it look good on paper to be giving local charities season tickets for next year but what it is doing is adding some fun competitions between front offices. As far as I know FCD is the only club really doing something like this so aggressively. There may be more clubs that give to local charities each season but it doesn’t seem that they are going in this kind of direction to do so.

So why do I think this little challenge Quinn and FCD are doing is a success already? Simple, its getting young kids a chance to see the club next year for nothing. This is something I wish more clubs would take on each season and really in this kind of economy its a smarter marketing strategy, especially late in the season.

What am I talking about here? Giving away tickets to local kids should be a practice all teams do, especially late in the season when MLS is going head-to-head against football in some markets. Not only does giving away free tickets to kids bring in more butts to the seats but it gets their parents there as well to actually spend money. Plus it also helps establish bonds for these kids with the local team, something that could and probably will carry over as they get older.

Now when a team is selling out the stadium then you obviously can’t do this as much but there are probably ways to still do it some. But this time of year it makes total sense for clubs like Dallas to get in some good will and build on future relationships with their fans. I hear an interesting theory today that really made a load of sense. When you’re a kid the teams who follow at eight or nine you typically will follow them for the rest of your life. I found that to be true for me and I’m sure others will too.

I know I’ve said MLS should move from the soccer mom crowd but you still have to count on them showing up to games these days too. You may as well help some of them out in the process as those kids will soon turn into young adults that will likely still come to games because they’ve built a solid foundation of following that team.

I’m not saying this kind of thing will work in every market but here in Dallas I think we’ll actually see it pay off down the road. I just hope more clubs get on board with these kinds of things and give back to their local communities. As teams move into their own stadiums and aren’t paying rent to play somewhere its something teams can probably make a little coin on too.

So to FCD and Quinn, good work. Keep it up and good luck in your next challenge. Win or lose someone out there is going to reap the reward of this effort.

  • Ralph

    Has the phrase “With each passing game …FC Dallas… does something I wish more clubs would take on” ever been mentioned in printed or digital media?

    Its a miracle!

  • Heard about this around the KC v FCD match. I believe Wizards President Rob Heineman had to actually purchase 4 FCD season tickets to give to a local Dallas charity after the loss (but don’t quote me on that). Would love to to see my Wizards try something like this with our new stadium opening up next year. Very cool idea.

  • baumer

    I was just reviewing the announcement around the Alaska Airlines Timbers Jersey sponsorship and part of that deals involves partnering on “youth-based fitness and educational programs. The company also pledged to donate 25 game-day tickets to underprivileged local youths at every home game…” This seems similar in its impact to what the Dallas FO is up to. It remains to be seen whether there will be any empty seats at the Timbers MLS field to give away.