Why Tonight Isn’t That Big Of A Deal

Why Tonight Isn’t That Big Of A Deal

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 24, 2010
  • David Beckham, Edson Buddle, Juan Pablo Angel, Landon Donovan, Rafa Marquez, Thierry Henry

LA and New York battle in a high profile game tonight. (Getty Images)

Call me one of the skeptics on this but really this dubbed “Game of the season” doesn’t quite do it for me. Sure having the LA Galaxy and the New York Red Bulls face off in a late season battle on national TV is good for the league, there’s no debating that even though the time-slot for the game isn’t very good (11pm on the east coast is a stinker).

For me this game doesn’t do a whole lot. Both teams are playoff squads and we could very well be getting a preview of this year’s MLS Cup if all things go right for these two the rest of the way out.

But I look at this game with the glass half empty. Its late in the year, neither have any extra games on the slate like Real Salt Lake or Columbus do, and both aren’t fighting for the final playoff spot. One could argue that its a battle for the Supporter’s Shield but with a nine point advantage over New York it seems like the Galaxy have little to worry about New York getting in their way of winning that award, RSL is the more likely challenger at this point in the year.

I love the effort by the league to hype this game, but its getting a bit old hearing “game of the year” or things like that when teams with one or two designated players square off against one another. First it was the Chicago-New York clash, then the Chicago-LA game, then the Seattle-Chicago game, then New York-Toronto and now LA-New York. I get it, DPs are high profile and the league has to hype them but dubbing games as the best game of the year is a bit much.

Normally I’m an optimist at things but even this is a bit much for me. Plus the loss of Thierry Henry to this game really hurt its chances of being what the league hoped it could be. David Beckham and Henry against one another on a MLS field would be great to see but looks like we’ll have to wait for a possible MLS Cup meeting to see it happen this year.

I could be wrong about this game but I feel it won’t be the 5-4 blockbuster from a couple years ago when Beckham first joined league. It seems like the league is throwing all it’s eggs in the basket for this game because of that game a couple seasons ago when really it will likely be a defensive battle this time around. A 1-1 draw or a 1-0 win by one of the two seems more likely.

Now this could be the best game of the year by the end of the night but I honestly won’t be counting on it. But then again I’ve been proven wrong before.

I’ll say this though, at least we’re talking about this game. And by we I mean most of the soccer blogging world is talking about this one well before the game has kicked off. So in that regards the hype is good and has done its job.

  • Hi, my name is Drew Epperley. I hate sunshine, rainbows, candy, and fun. 😉

    • Call me the dark cloud today. I’ll rain on the parade. 🙂

  • reddevilyank

    I’m still going to watch. Who knows, it might be a thriller.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch it…probably need to shoot myself up with espresso or something though!

  • TJ

    I will be there. I just hope the officiating shows up as well. I am praying the USSF will showcase their best officials on national tv for this one, but being the realist that I am, I doubt it.