You Be The Judge: Henry-Hartman Incident

You Be The Judge: Henry-Hartman Incident

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 17, 2010
  • Kevin Hartman, Thierry Henry

Kevin Hartman wasn't too happy with Thierry Henry last night. (Getty Images)

After watching this over a few times I see why plenty are upset. Part of me thinks MLS will come down on Thierry Henry for this dumb play and the other part of me thinks they won’t because he is who he is.

The ref was right there for it and saw it as nothing more than a fluke play. But with no card issued at the time from the ref I highly doubt we’ll see the league take this any further since the ref was literally right there when it happened. Its not like a play that the ref didn’t see that the league typically goes back and reviews when needed. I know FC Dallas will protest this but I just get the sense that nothing will come of it.

I don’t like the play from Henry but you know it is what it is. It was just one of those weird things were you could say there was bad intent on the part of Henry and then you could say he was just kicking the ball out to go on with the goal celebration that was taking place.

You be the judge.

  • Disco Fries

    henry wanted to kick the ball back into the net (just like 1,000,000 other playes have in the past after a goal) and hartman prevented that from happening. It could have easily been henry with the MCL tear instead of hartman. Hand Henry gone down then Hartman would have been the villian. Freak accident, move on

  • Metrohooligan101

    I have to agree with Disco Fries, Henry goes up to kick the ball into the net, Hartman sticks his foot out to block it and gets hurt, maybe Henry could have avoided it since the ball was so close to Hartman but things happen, it was stupid, but it definitely wasn’t intentional.

  • FCD

    The ball is at the foot of Hartman.. I have no idea why Henry thinks he should be running in there. It was a completely bone headed move on Henry’s part. The goal has been scored and the only thing a player should be doing is returning it to the center of the field. I can understand that some players want to kick the ball to celebrate, but not when the goalkeeper is clearly working towards returning it to the center.

    Don’t think it was malicious, but I do think it was bone headed and don’t think it should go unpunished.

  • Olmus

    when he kicks it his body languague doesn’t give the impression that he’s kicking the ball into the net

    • Pablocamden

      Are you saying his body language implies he is trying to kick and injure Hartman? Freak accident, end of story. Move on.