Trader Mo and Preki Out In Toronto

Trader Mo and Preki Out In Toronto

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 15, 2010
  • Mo Johnston, Nick Dasovic, Preki

So I took a day off yesterday and boy do I regret it in the end. First there was a trade between Colorado and New York, then it as announced the league would play 34 games next year and not break for the Gold Cup. But the biggest bombshell was in Toronto when TFC decided to dump both General Manager Mo Johnston and head coach Preki.

Is it me or is Toronto becoming more like the MetroStars/Red Bulls of Canada here? Each year a new coach comes in and each year they either don’t last the season or they are canned afterwards.

I think this year’s bunch is different though. Reports that there are a lot of issues in the locker room due to Preki and his coaching style could actually get this club back on track here. With the dubbed “bad guy” out of the way now its possible TFC could get back into the playoff picture as the players will want to prove its not their fault things are going so badly here.

Plus all the moves made this year with Johnston and Preki probably didn’t sit too well with some. Players said they couldn’t voice their opinions and that as losses began to pile up so did the frustration with Preki.

I was never one that thought Preki would be canned if a season went bad this year. It always seemed Johnston would be on the way out no matter what unless the team actually went to a MLS Cup.

So now its up to Nick Dasovic to lead the troops and turn the ship back in the right direction. Being only a few points out of the final playoff spot, the Reds could still make a run and make it interesting. Dasovic will loosen things up a bit in an effort to get the club back together as one.

Right now the biggest thing Toronto needs is exactly what I said when they hired Preki back before this season, stability. Its possible Dasovic could be the guy that brings that but either way they need a coach that lasts and one that fans, players and everyone can rally around like a Steve Nicol or Dominic Kinnear.