Thoughts On A CONCACAF/CONMEBOL Tournament

Thoughts On A CONCACAF/CONMEBOL Tournament

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 9, 2010

I already have a feeling today will be fairly slow from me as I am a bit under the weather here. Plus its another rainy day here in Dallas which makes me want to do next to nothing but lay on the couch and watch re-runs of The Office or Community.

But before I go all lazy on the day I did want to go into a thought that was posted yesterday by writer Grant Wahl on the idea of a combined CONCACAF and CONMEBOL tournament to rival the Euro tournament held every four years.

Wahl believes the money would be there and in a big way if the two federations decided to join forces for a western hemisphere tournament every four years.

I know the idea of this tournament likely will never come to fruition due to FIFA likely not wanting two federations joining up for a tournament like this. But say for a minute they did the possibilities would be pretty sweet.

First of all I hate how the CONCACAF Gold Cup is every two years unlike the rest of the FIFA confederations that host their tournaments every four years. Only the African Nations Cup is every two years like the Gold Cup. The reasons why I don’t like the every two year set up is that the tournament seems to have less meaning than it would if it were every four years. Plus I always feel the Gold Cup isn’t nearly competitive enough being every other year the way it is, typically only the semifinal and finals are worth watching.

Copa America however is every four years and each CONMEBOL team is involved in it. Joining up with CONCACAF wouldn’t be all that difficult to do and it would allow lower CONCACAF and CONMEBOL teams to have to qualify with the big boys for the tournament like teams in Europe are doing now for next year’s Euro 2012.

Obviously there is some difficulties in that with qualifying for the bigger clubs. I do like Wahl’s idea of taking the top six from the most recent Gold Cup and placing them with the 10 CONMEBOL teams for a tournament. You then get competitive games for teams like US and Mexico and it becomes a 16 team tournament similar to the European championships.

Some of the other CONCACAF teams outside of the US and Mexico would also get quality chances against the likes of Brazil and Argentina. If you’re someone like Canada or Honduras when would you be able to get games with those two teams outside of a World Cup? It just doesn’t happen often but in this kind of tournament it would be likely.

What do you think, would this kind of tournament work? Would you rather see the US and Mexico get games with South American teams every four years instead of somewhat meaningless games every other year with smaller CONCACAF teams?

  • Really like the idea. What would even be better would be hosting such a tournament here in the states. If we can’t land the world cup here in 2018 or 2022 then maybe we could get this America’s Cup tournament here.

  • my2cents

    I love the idea. I thought about the same thing a couple of years ago. We should offer to host it every four years. It’s not like the South American teams don’t get good supporter turnout at games in the US. The only thing is that the games would run the same cycle as the Pan-American games, which don’t get tv coverage in the US anymore. They have a soccer competition of course. I’d love to see it happen, but wouldn’t it really boil down to the money?