FIFA Tour Rolls On Today

FIFA Tour Rolls On Today

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 8, 2010

FIFA Inspection Delegation inspects Red Bull Arena.

Yesterday it was all New York (or New Jersey where the games will actually be played). Today it’s Washington D.C. and Miami followed up by a trip to Texas tomorrow in Dallas and Houston. The FIFA folks that our touring the States to check out our little World Cup bid should have little problems getting around and seeing exactly what our bid has to offer.

As we all know its about the stadiums for the most part and do we ever have plenty of good ones too. The bid tour will take them to the new Meadowlands, FedEx Field in D.C., whatever they’re calling Joe Robby these days in Miami, Jerry World in Dallas and Relient in Houston. A small taste of the stadiums the US bid has to offer really. Probably the best sample for the four day trip too as three of the five are very new.

It would have been nice to see the bid committee go to some other venues out west but time doesn’t always allow that.

Funny thing that most of the MLS venues will be used as practice facilities for the World Cup in either 2018 or 2022.

The FIFA tour isn’t anything super noteworthy though even though it rolls through my neck of the woods tomorrow. They will be touring facilities, checking out other things like transportation, hotels and fan-fest locations.

We all know the US could host the World Cup tomorrow if they were asked. Our country is probably the only one that could really host a tournament at the drop of a hat without any notice really. The stadiums are there by the boat full, the airports are pretty solid to handle the busier load of people coming and going and each city that is still in the running to host some games can easily handle the extra amount of people for a month’s time.

Its all a formality really. I’d be shocked if some of these FIFA folks haven’t already been to one or two of these facilities outside of the newest ones like Red Bull Arena (potential training ground) and the Meadowlands Stadium.

Its possible we’ll hear actually news from this later tonight but until then let’s just hope nothing out of the¬†ordinary¬†goes on here for the US bid.