WVH Power Rankings: Week 23

WVH Power Rankings: Week 23

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 7, 2010
  • 2010 Power Rankings, 2010 Week 23, MLS Power Rankings

Let’s go ahead and consider this the weekend recap too while we’re at it. I took yesterday off to enjoy the holiday with family and it was also my one year¬†anniversary¬†with my wife. Needless to say I couldn’t spend time on line posting things. Sometimes things are just a bit more important, and honestly I’m glad I took most of yesterday off.

With that said week 23 is in the books. And honestly there wasn’t a lot of movement from me this week in the rankings. RSL, Dallas and Columbus all remained my top three. LA, New York and Seattle moved around while Colorado is starting to sneak up on them with their recent play.

That eighth and final playoff spot is really coming down to the wire here as San Jose and Seattle are trying to put distance between themselves and Toronto, Kansas City and Chicago. Right now the Wizards look like the only one of those three that actually have a shot at making things interesting here. Toronto is too banged up with their schedule hurting them and their play has just dipped in recent weeks overall. Chicago can’t seem to find a momentum when they have it.

Team Rank Record (W-L-T) Comments
1 (1) 12-4-7 43 pts. It wasn’t pretty at times but the home unbeaten run for RSL at Rio Tinto continues.
2 (2) 10-2-10 40 pts. A 13-game unbeaten run looks nice but that recent loss of centerbacks has me worried a bit.
3 (3) 13-5-5 44 pts. Who doesn’t like a visit to D.C. these days? Two games in a matter of a few days saw the Crew win in each. I’m sure they’d take another trip here later this year with a certain trophy too.
4 (6) 13-5-5 44 pts. Omar Gonzalez’s late goal in Chicago should be enough to boost the Galaxy out of their slump. With six of seven at home to finish the year this club should have no reason to not finish in first.
5 (4) 11-8-4 37 pts. Missing one of your best players in the midfield for a trip to Rio Tinto is never easy but the Red Bulls should have made some folks believers with their effort.
6 (7) 9-6-7 34 pts. The Rapids went from dead in the water to alive and kicking in a matter of two home games. It doesn’t hurt that Conor Casey and Omar Cummings are playing at a top level once again.
7 (5) 9-9-5 32 pts. A bad 10-minute stretch costed them a couple points on the road.
8 (8) 9-7-5 32 pts. Geovanni is living up to his DP status with games like that (goal and assist).
9 (9) 7-9-6 27 pts. The playoff hopes are there but draws certainly aren’t going to cut it in the long run.
10 (10) 6-7-7 25 pts. With games in hand going away the Fire continue to not help themselves out by dropping points at home.
11 (11) 7-9-6 27 pts. Preki’s side was probably the most unlucky not to get some points this past weekend in Dallas. Big mid-week clash tomorrow in Chicago though.
12 (13) 7-12-3 24 pts. Could that short stretch of three goals in 10 minutes change their season? Its certainly possible but boy do they have a long way to go.
13 (13) 6-12-4 22 pts. You can’t expect them to win when they start Justin Braun on the bench. I think it’s time to place Martin Vasquez’s job under watch.
14 (14) 5-11-6 21 pts. I was big on Chris Seitz for the longest time but even I think it’s time for Peter Nowak to move away from this kid.
15 (15) 6-12-5 23 pts. The Dynamo looked good at times but two counter attacks later and they lost the game against the Quakes. Time to start building for next year folks.
16 (16) 4-16-3 15 pts. United matched a league record for being shutout for the 15th time this season. With seven games left they’ll likely extend that record in a bad way.