Donovan’s New Price Tag

Donovan’s New Price Tag

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 1, 2010
  • Landon Donovan

There is something to be said about keeping your best player and marking up the value on him when you can. The LA Galaxy appear to be doing just that and honestly it shouldn’t come to a shock that the price that they want for their MVP Landon Donovan is high. Try $16 million high according to Martin Rogers over at Yahoo!.

Yes that price tag is a tad bit on the ridiculous side but to me it isn’t a shock considering the value that Donovan adds to his club and to the league as a whole. I don’t even see this as an issue either.

Now pricing him this high obviously will distract some possible suitors from bidding on him. That’s the league’s intention and you can’t blame them much for that. Now the question comes does holding him back do any good? Well it depends on how badly Donovan wants to actually go back to Europe at this point. If he wants to stay here in America then it doesn’t really matter now does it?

Blaming the league for pricing him this high isn’t worth doing and quite honestly most people would do just that when it comes to Donovan anyways right now. I know I would. For the league to lose a guy like Donovan right now would take a lot of work to get over. But you know that may be a story for another day.


  • Sep 2 2010
As a fan of Donovan I believe that price is too high. It's up to Donovan, maybe he want to stay in LA and at his age he probably be in Europe for a few years.
  • Sep 2 2010
personally i think it's degrading to our league to put so much of our hope in Donovan. yes, i agree he is important to the league and he can do a lot for soccer here in America, but to say that his loss is all that bad for the league is false. he has made MLS what it is today, and there is plenty going on in the league right now to be proud of and excited about other than Donovan. he can do more for his career, and in turn for the National Team by going to play in Europe. what's good for our best player is good for our progression in the long run just as much as MLS, which would do just fine without him. MLS can't put so much pressure on single players like it is doing here. i love Donovan just as much as any true US fan, but Dong Garber and MLS(LA) need to accept what the situation for what it is and work towards becoming a league that doesn't have to be excited about its best player and him only. that's when it will be an elite league, when there are many players to get excited about, not just one. (and right now, there are a lot of other great players in MLS right now other than just Donovan)