Vermes Charged With DUI

Vermes Charged With DUI

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 31, 2010
  • Peter Vermes

Peter Vermes. (Brian Stevens for

Time for a serious talk. I’m not a fan of having to read about things like this or even talk about it as folks who drive drunk and get caught need to face the music about how serious of an offense that really is. Well one of the guys we talk about on here in Major League Soccer apparently recently got caught for that offense. The Kansas City Star reported last last night that Kansas City Wizards coach Peter Vermes was charged with a DUI on August 24.

He was released after posting a $750 bail that night according to the article. He will have a date in court later this year in November.

The club, the league and Vermes have yet to comment on the DUI charge.

I’d have to think that the league will have to come down on Vermes for this in some form of punishment. Its only fair to I believe as like I mentioned above this is a pretty serious offense. For a team that is starting to come together at the right time like the Wizards are it will be very interesting to see what happens to the club once this news really starts to spread and catch on. I’m sure the club will back their coach and do whatever it is necessary to keep the mojo going.

As for Vermes he needs to own up to this and apologize right away to get this behind him. No need to drag this on for a little while and hurt his club (not to mention his family). People make mistakes but owning up to them in a timely manner does help.

What form of punishment do you think Vermes should get for this from the league? Should the league and Wizards stay out of it?

  • TG

    Being that he is a coach he should lead by example, and he must understand the position that he is in. Not only as a coach, but as a representative of the MLS which is slowly starting to gain worldwide recognition. Although I think that a few games suspension and maybe some community service will be just fine, I am sure that MLS will be much harder on him to just to set an example.

  • Paulsepp

    First and foremost he needs to apologize to the local community. I would require extensive community service in the local community and a two game suspension. The MLS should also make it clear that this is warning to all those who play, coach or work in the MLS, that Vermes punishment was a light one and the next time the league will come down harder.

  • Dui

    I am not a judge.But coach should be responsible.