MLS Gets Extension With adidas

MLS Gets Extension With adidas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 30, 2010
  • adidas

The headline of the morning so far had to be the new extension between adidas and Major League Soccer. The two came to agreement to extend their current partnership for a few more years going until 2018. Yes 2018, gosh that’s weird to type.

The numbers floating around suggest the league is set to bring in another $200 million plus with this extension. That’s no chump change either folks, that’s a whole lotta lettuce for the league and it’s clubs to have.

The current deal started back in 2004 when the league announced that adidas would be the exclusive athletic sponsor for the league. Currently all 16 clubs and the three on the way I’d assume, all don the adidas jerseys.

Yes some of the kits are uninspiring and lack imagination on the part of the soccer company. But saying so I still see this as a good deal for the league and its clubs. I know it would be nice to see some Nike or Puma kits floating around the league but when it comes to dollars and cents this was likely the best deal for the league. I doubt Nike would have ponied up that sort of cash that the league was asking.

In the end the story is really the league getting more of the same from adidas and getting more cash, something they’d be fools now to take I might add.

Some will hate the extension because of some of the kits out right now but believe me adidas has done more good for the league than Nike or any others have. Think about it if we were still solely with Nike we’d have horrible sounding club names in Portland, Toronto, Philadelphia and elsewhere. Remember some of the names they gave the clubs back in the mid-90s? Yeah some stuck and grew on us but others were terrible.