USSF Flirting With Klinsmann Yet Again?

USSF Flirting With Klinsmann Yet Again?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 28, 2010
  • Bob Bradley, Juergen Klinsmann

This could turn out to be in that “worst kept secret” department before long. We all know the story four years ago when the US Soccer Federation dumped coach Bruce Arena after the 2006 World Cup in hopes to land a certain German legend that just guided his country deep into the tournament that year.

The story goes as we all remember that the USSF and it’s president Sunil Gulati couldn’t land Juergen Klinsmann and ended up going with Bob Bradley. They settled for Bradley in some cases. Some fans were okay with the move and others were disappointed a deal could not be done with Klinsmann.

We all know what Bradley has done in that four years. Beat Mexico a couple times, won the CONCACAF Gold Cup which lead to a trip to the Confederations’ Cup last year, which turned into a trip to the final in that tournament against Brazil. He also guided the US to the top of the CONCACAF qualifying group to get to the 2010 World Cup, and won Group C at the World Cup over favorite England. Yes the team crashed out in the round of 16 against Ghana and it was a big chance missed by Bradley and the US. But the facts remain Bradley did a heck of a job in four years as coach of the US.

But if you believe reports like this one, it seems like the flirting between the USSF and Klinsmann is back on though. We know Bradley met with Gulati this week and nothing came of it but now if Gulati and Klinsmann are meeting again it can only mean the USSF is once again courting the former striker.

I’m starting to think the obsession for Klinsmann by the USSF is one of a school-crush. You know the girl (or guy if you’re a lady reading this) you meet randomly and immediately fall for? You watch her around school or the office and think to yourself “this is the one,” and that they are the answers to your problems. You catch their attention a bit but they only lead you on and on and on. Before long the obsession is an ugly one that goes no where for you while they do nothing but take advantage.

I feel like Klinsmann is going to be that for the USSF here. Its a nice idea and believe me I’d take him as our next coach in a heartbeat but its just an obsession that worries the heck out of me right now. It almost appears not healthy for Gulati and the USSF. For a guy that is viewed as such a hot commodity why aren’t more clubs and countries around the world after him like we are? You’d think if someone wanted him so badly right now he’d be coaching somewhere and not sitting in California.

Then this all falls back to Bradley. The “what if” of not getting Klinsmann seems to yield another two or even four years with Bradley in my mind.

It feels too much like 2006 here right now. I say either make the serious pitch to Klinsmann and let Bradley go so you don’t have to keep stringing him along like this or keep Bradley for at least another two years. Time is wasting right now with the courting and hope of landing someone like Klinsmann.

I guess this coming week should shed some light into the subject a little more huh?