MLS Road Woes Continue In Champions League

MLS Road Woes Continue In Champions League

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 25, 2010
  • 2010/11 CCL

Santos got a late goal to beat Columbus last night. (CONCACAF)

Don’t color me surprised, more like disappointed this morning. Both Toronto FC and the Columbus Crew went on the road last night in the CONCACAF Champions League and each came away empty handed for one reason or another. Both couldn’t put away chances and each were hit with plenty questionable calls that ended with MLS fans having the same reaction, when will it end?

The Toronto-Arabe Unido was not pretty. Foul after foul and then card after card doomed the Canadian side. Sure the early goal didn’t help but the two red cards put Preki’s side in a bigger hole than most would have imagined, not a place you want to be on the road in CONCACAF play.

Toronto really didn’t deserve a win last night on the road but at the same time they didn’t deserve some of the calls that they got called against them. Preki’s team looks like they are running out of steam here but that may be a topic for another post down the road.

Columbus on the other hand probably got the worst of things. Emilio Renteria had to leave the pitch for a moment to stop bleeding, in the process he changed into an unnumbered jersey and stepped back on the field with the blessing of the forth official. Moments later he assisted on an Andy Iro goal that ended up being disallowed due to Renteria’s lack of number.

Bullocks if you ask me.

But it was an American team in Mexico so what can you expect. I think at this point most American soccer fans are just expecting the worst when a team goes South of the border. I know I am even though that is a terrible way to think. But after seeing this play out last night and the Crew lose on a last second goal to Santos you can’t help but feel that.

I was gutted to see the Crew lose that way. I can’t imagine what actual Crew fans are thinking today about the loss either. No doubt they have a few choice words for CONCACAF and the refs from last night. Its also little reason to think that the Santos game at Crew Stadium will be a wild one that they will want back badly too.

The Mexican curse is running its course though for MLS sides but I think after last night its a bit evident that its coming to an end before long. If a mostly reserve-based Crew team and nearly get a point in Mexico then who’s to say that a roster full of main guys doesn’t next time? Maybe that is theĀ optimismĀ speaking but I see it happening that way.